N.J. Admin. Code § 7:25-1.5 - License, permit and stamp fees

Current through Register Vol. 54, No. 7, April 4, 2022

Pursuant to 23:3-1a, the fees for hunting and fishing licenses, permits and stamps issued by the Division are as follows. The listed fees include, where applicable, a nonrefundable $ 2.00 application fee as set by the Legislature in 23:3-1c and an issuance fee of $ .50 as set by the Legislature in 23:3-1.1, 23:3-4 and 23:3-4.1.

Resident Fishing $ 16.50
Jr/Sr Fishing 7.75
Family Fishing 27.50
Family Supplement 2.25
Non-Resident Fishing 25.25
Non-Resident 7-Day Fishing 16.50
Resident Trout Stamp 7.75
Non-Resident Trout Stamp 15.50
Resident Hunting 22.00
Jr/Sr Hunting 10.75
Juvenile Hunting 3.00
Non-Resident 2-Day Hunting 27.50
1 Day Hunting 7.75
Resident Bow and Arrow 26.25
Jr/Sr Bow and Arrow 12.00
Juvenile Bow and Arrow 3.00
All Around Sportsman 60.50
Pheasant/Quail Stamp 22.00
Woodcock Stamp 2.75
Rifle Permit 14.00
Deer Permit 21.75
Turkey Permit 16.25
Semi-Wild 57.00
Commercial Hunt 222.00
Propagation 7.50
Fish Preserve 167.00


N.J. Admin. Code § 7:25-1.5
R.1973 d.13, effective 1/8/1973.
See: 5 New Jersey Register 38(c).
Amended by R.1989 d.26, effective 1/3/1989.
See: 20 New Jersey Register 2666(a), 20 New Jersey Register 55(a).
Deleted (a)5 and 6 and renumbered 7.-11. as 5.-9.
Amended by R.1989 d.502, effective 9/18/1989.
See: 21 New Jersey Register 1482(b), 21 New Jersey Register 2963(a).
Lease and surveying fees deleted.
Repealed by R.1991 d.132, effective 3/18/1991.
See: 23 New Jersey Register 37(a), 23 New Jersey Register 848(b).
Section 1.5--Fee schedule--deleted.
New Rule, R.1993 d.360, effective 7/19/1993.
See: 25 New Jersey Register 1928(a), 25 New Jersey Register 3154(a).
Amended by R.2001 d.73, effective 3/5/2001.
See: 32 New Jersey Register 4435(a), 33 New Jersey Register 874(a).
Petition for Rulemaking.
See: 35 New Jersey Register 5308(b).
Petition for Rulemaking.
See: 36 New Jersey Register 222(a), 4329(a).
Petition for Rulemaking.
See: 37 New Jersey Register 1089(a).

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