Current through Register Vol. 33, No. 7, April 5, 2022

A. Each governing body shall ensure annual diabetes training programs are provided to all school nurses and diabetes care personnel. Training content for the annual diabetes training program, at a minimum, shall include:
(1) identification and treatment of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia;
(2) appropriate actions to take when blood glucose levels are outside the target ranges indicated by a student's diabetes medical management plan;
(3) understanding interpretation of health care practitioner instructions regarding diabetes medication drug dosage, frequency, and manner of administration;
(4) performance of finger stick blood glucose testing and ketone testing and recording of results;
(5) administration of glucagon and insulin and recording of results;
(6) administration of glucagon and insulin through the insulin delivery system;
(7) recognizing diabetes-related complications that require emergency assistance; and
(8) recommended schedules for food intake, the effect of physical activity upon blood glucose levels, and appropriate actions to be implemented in the case of a schedule disruption.
B. Each governing body shall ensure a minimum of two school employees, at each school attended by a student with diabetes, receive the training outlined in this rule.
C. Each governing body shall not require that diabetes care personnel be health care practitioners.
D. If at any time fewer than two school employees are available to be trained at a school, the principal or other school administrator shall distribute to all staff a written notice stating that the school is seeking volunteers to serve as diabetes care personnel. This notice shall inform staff of the following:
(1) the school is required to provide diabetes care to one or more students with diabetes and is seeking personnel willing to be trained to provide that care;
(2) the tasks to be performed by diabetes care personnel;
(3) participation is voluntary and no school, school district or governing body will take action against any staff member who does not volunteer to be designated;
(4) training will be provided to employees who volunteer to provide care; and
(5) the contact information of the person whom staff should contact in order to volunteer to be diabetes care personnel.
E. Annual diabetes training programs shall be provided by the school nurse if the school has a licensed school nurse or by a licensed health care practitioner with expertise in diabetes.
F. Each governing body shall also ensure annual training is provided to all school personnel with a primary responsibility for supervising a student with diabetes during some portion of the school day that includes bus drivers responsible for transporting a student with diabetes. Training for these individuals must include:
(1) recognition of hyperglycemia;
(2) recognition of hypoglycemia; and
(3) actions to take in response to diabetes-related emergency situations.


N.M. Code R. §
Adopted by New Mexico Register, Volume XXX, Issue 22, November 26, 2019, eff. 11/26/2019

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