Current through Register Vol. 33, No. 7, April 5, 2022

A. The department and HED shall create and maintain a single central facility for statewide distance education services in New Mexico known as IDEAL-NM in cooperation with RECs, public school districts, charter schools, and post-secondary institutions to facilitate the delivery of distance learning courses statewide for students, training courses for state agency employees, and professional development courses for teachers, instructional support providers and school administrators. IDEAL-NM shall, at a minimum, provide distance learning courses for grades 6-12. Training courses for state agency employees and professional development courses for teachers, instructional support providers and school administrators shall be provided as resources permit.
B. IDEAL-NM shall define and coordinate the roles and responsibilities of the collaborating agencies to establish a distance learning governance and accountability framework.
(1) The department and HED shall administer IDEAL-NM operations.
(2) The department and HED may establish an advisory council to recommend policies and procedures relative to the vision, goals, and implementation of distance learning course offerings by IDEAL-NM.
(3) The department shall ensure that each distance learning course taught by IDEAL-NM meets state content standards with benchmark and performance standards. IDEAL-NM courses may be provided to schools and students pending department review, and during the time needed to make any revisions required by the department.
C. IDEAL-NM shall develop and maintain a distance education services plan that is statewide in scope and that contains short- and long-term goals that supports the work of the council on technology in education.
D. IDEAL-NM shall provide technology and program support to regional hosts and local distance learning sites via help desk, academic service, student service, and outreach training.
E. IDEAL-NM shall only use teachers who meet the highly qualified teacher requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 [20 U.S. Code 6301], or who are public post-secondary faculty members.
F. Cost allocation:
(1) IDEAL-NM shall annually establish per-semester course fees, subject to department approval, which shall be paid on behalf of students taking distance-learning courses through IDEAL-NM.
(2) The course fees shall be collected and used for teacher compensation and other per-course costs.
(3) Post-secondary educational institutions may charge tuition for distance learning courses in accordance with their fee structures except for high school students enrolled in credit courses as provided in 21-1-1.2 NMSA 1978.
(4) IDEAL-NM may charge districts or teachers for the per-course costs associated with the delivery of professional development distance learning opportunities for teachers.
(5) IDEAL-NM may charge state agencies or employees for the per-course costs associated with the delivery of agency training courses for employees.
(6) IDEAL-NM may enter into agreements with districts, charter schools and state agencies to waive course fees in exchange for online teaching or other provided services.
(7) The department shall create an intergovernmental agreement for districts and charter schools desiring to enroll students in IDEAL-NM courses. Participation in IDEAL-NM courses is contingent upon the district or charter school signing the intergovernmental agreement.
G. IDEAL-NM shall comply with all federal and state statutes pertaining to student privacy, the posting of images on the internet, copyright, or duplication of materials, and rules pertaining to the public broadcasting of audio and video technology.
H. IDEAL-NM shall report online coursework completed by students to the enrolling districts, which, in turn shall award grades and credits according to local standards.
I. Schools shall release student demographic and course completion information to IDEAL-NM for statistical purposes.
J. IDEAL-NM shall facilitate the delivery of online dual credit courses in accordance with the provisions of dual credit rules as per 5.55.4 NMAC and 6.30.7 NMAC.
K. IDEAL-NM shall provide an annual report to the secretaries of the department and HED, the legislative education study committee and legislative finance committee.


N.M. Code R. § NMAC - N, 9-30-08

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