Current through Register Vol. 33, No. 7, April 5, 2022

EPPs shall fully cooperate with the comprehensive state approval process. The department shall develop and publish on the department website an EPP manual outlining the comprehensive site visit process that shall include all documents necessary for the state approval. Site visits shall occur every three years on a calendar determined by the department unless the status of a program, as outlined in NMAC, changes in a way that merits more frequent visits.

A. The comprehensive state approval process shall assess the performance of the EPP on the four components of the quality review rubric:
(1) curriculum design and delivery;
(2) clinical experience;
(3) candidate quality; and
(4) continuous improvement.
B. The comprehensive state approval site visit shall include the following three elements:
(1) Self-evaluation. EPPs shall complete the self-evaluation documents in the EPP manual prior to the site visit. Documents shall be submitted to the department at least four weeks prior to the site visit. Documents shall include the following:
(a) quality review rubric;
(b) quality review worksheets for each of the four key components on the quality review rubric; and
(c) data and other documentation listed as supplemental evidence in the EPP manual accompanied by any releases for such information, if necessary.
(2) Comprehensive state approval site visit. The certified review team shall conduct the site visit and review the EPP using the quality review rubric.
(3) Summative conference. The certified review team shall debrief the site visit with the EPP and present their initial findings.
C. At the end of the comprehensive state approval site visit, the EPP shall be assessed on its overall performance and shall be rated with one of the following site visit classifications defined in the EPP manual:
(1) exemplary;
(2) well-developed;
(3) proficient;
(4) developing; or
(5) underdeveloped.
D. The certified review team shall release a final written report to the EPP containing the EPP's scores on each component of the quality review rubric and their overall performance no later than 90 calendar days after the comprehensive state approval site visit.
E. EPPs shall have 30 calendar days after receiving the report to submit a response, in writing, to the department to indicate any alleged factual errors and to provide any documentation deemed necessary to support the allegations. If, after review of the EPP's response, the department determines the error to be valid, the report shall be amended within 20 calendar days.


N.M. Code R. §
Adopted by New Mexico Register, Volume XXX, Issue 20, October 29, 2019, eff. 10/29/2019, Amended by New Mexico Register, Volume XXXII, Issue 11, June 8, 2021, eff. 6/8/2021

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