Current through Register Vol. 33, No. 7, April 5, 2022

A. "Candidate" means an individual enrolled in an EPP for licensure offered through a department-approved EPP provider.
B. "Certified review team" means the team trained by the department to conduct comprehensive state EPP approvals. Members of the certified review team may serve in multiple roles. The following shall be represented:
(1) a representative of the department with expertise in culturally and linguistically responsive instruction;
(2) a dean or director from a department-approved EPP, other than the one being reviewed;
(3) a faculty member from a department-approved EPP, other than the one being reviewed;
(4) a member of a LEA administrative team; and
(5) a principal or eligible cooperating teacher from a local public school.
C. "Clinical experience" means the guided, hands-on application of knowledge and theory to actual practice through collaborative and facilitated learning activities taking place in field-based assignments.
D. "Completer" means a candidate who earns a certificate or diploma from a department-approved EPP.
E. "Comprehensive state approval" means the process conducted by the certified review team to evaluate and approve EPPs.
F. "Comprehensive state approval site visit" means the visit conducted by a certified review team to evaluate EPP performance for certification.
G. "Cooperating teacher" means an educator who meets the following qualifications:
(1) is employed by a LEA;
(2) is mutually selected by the LEA and the EPP;
(3) has at least three years of experience under the appropriate license;
(4) is the primary evaluator of the candidate during their clinical experience;
(5) has completed an introductory mentorship course provided by the department; and
(6) either meets the necessary performance level as defined by the department on their educator effectiveness report or, for an educator who recently relocated to New Mexico and does not yet have an educator effectiveness report, to have met one of the following requirements:
(a) the teacher is a level three-A teacher with a minimum of six years teaching experience; or
(b) the teacher is a nationally board certified teacher.
H. "Day-one ready educator" means a teacher who positively impacts measurable student success from the first day the educator begins teaching by having a deep understanding of the diverse cultural and linguistic needs of all students, demonstrating deep content knowledge, and having the ability to support all students' social and emotional needs, motivate and actively engage all students, and personalize learning based on students' needs, including the needs of indigenous students, students with disabilities, bilingual students, and English language learners, and a willingness to engage in continuous efforts to improve teaching abilities.
I. "Disposition" means the professionalism demonstrated by a candidate indicating capacity to be a day-one ready educator.
J. "EAR" means educator accountability report required annually and designed to create a uniform statewide educator accountability reporting system to measure and track teacher and administrator education candidates from pre-entry to post-graduation in order to benchmark the productivity and accountability of New Mexico's educator workforce.
K. "EPP" means an educational preparation program offered by an educational preparation provider intended to lead to teacher licensure upon candidates' successful completion of the program.
L. "EPP advisory board" means the group of individuals appointed by the EPP who have unique knowledge regarding the educational needs of the local culturally and linguistically diverse community, including knowledge of the needs of indigenous students, students with disabilities, bilingual students, and English language learners.
M. "EPP application" means a written request, on a department-approved form, to the PPSC to be a department-approved EPP.
N. "EPP provider" means any individual, private or public education association, corporation, or institution of higher education offering an EPP.
O. "EES" means the department-approved educator evaluation system.
P. "Initial approval" means the first time an EPP provider sought and was granted approval from the PPSC to create a new EPP in the state of New Mexico.
Q. "LEA" means a local educational agency. A LEA may be a public school district, a state-charted charter school, or a state-educational agency.
R. "New Mexico teacher assessments" means the tests required for individuals seeking initial New Mexico licensure.
S. "PPSC" means the professional practices and standards council, which approves EPPs as defined in 6.2.8 NMAC.
T. "Program revision" means the addition of new licensure programming or modifications made to an existing department-approved EPP, including changes to standards.
U. "Quality review rubric" means the department-approved tool used by the certified review team during a comprehensive state approval site visit.
V. "Revocation" means a department decision to no longer recognize an EPP as approved by the department nor to license candidates completing coursework at the revoked EPP provider within three semesters of revocation.


N.M. Code R. §
Adopted by New Mexico Register, Volume XXX, Issue 20, October 29, 2019, eff. 10/29/2019, Amended by New Mexico Register, Volume XXXII, Issue 11, June 8, 2021, eff. 6/8/2021

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