Current through Register Vol. 33, No. 7, April 5, 2022

EPPs shall meet requirements in statute, regulation, and this section.

A. EPPs shall establish rigorous entry requirements, including a successful completion of the department's required background check and approval process.
B. EPPs shall ensure opportunities for clinical experiences, including culturally and linguistically responsive experiences, are provided continuously throughout candidates' enrollment. Clinical experiences shall:
(1) begin upon the candidate's entrance into an EPP;
(2) align with the area, subject, or category of certification or license being sought by the candidate, except that at least one of the clinical experiences may be in a diverse setting where indigenous students, students with disabilities, bilingual students, and English language learners attend school; and
(3) include at least one clinical experience where the candidate shall serve as a teacher in a school under the supervision of a cooperating teacher and plan and deliver independent instruction to students on a regularly scheduled basis.
C. EPPs shall ensure candidates embrace and execute their responsibility as educators to develop the skills and capacities to implement meaningful culturally and linguistically relevant practices for parent and family engagement, keeping families fully informed of their child's progress toward college-and-career readiness, on a regular basis, using objective measures in all subject areas, to include families where a language other than English is spoken.
D. EPPs shall establish partnerships with stakeholder groups to fulfill requirements related to clinical experiences and meet the needs of LEAs. At a minimum, partnerships shall include:
(1) classroom teachers;
(2) principals;
(3) superintendents;
(4) human resource directors;
(5) curriculum directors; and
(6) the EPP advisory board.
E. Programs for all teachers shall include instruction in pedagogy aligned with department standards pursuant to 6.61.2 NMAC through 6.61.12 NMAC, including culturally and linguistically relevant pedagogy that serves indigenous students, students with disabilities, bilingual students, and English language learners.
F. EPPs shall conduct a minimum of three formally documented observations that include verbal and written feedback on the candidate's practice.
(1) Observations and evaluations of candidates shall be aligned with the following four domains of EES to serve all New Mexico students, including indigenous students, students with disabilities, bilingual students, and English language learners:
(a) planning and preparation;
(b) creating an environment for learning;
(c) teaching for learning; and
(d) professionalism.
(2) Results of evaluations and observations shall inform program interaction with the candidate including feedback, placement, remediation, and support.
(3) Documentation of observations shall be stored by the EPP for a minimum of five years after candidate completion and shall be available to the completer and the department upon request.
G. EPP providers shall establish rigorous exit requirements in alignment with those required to seek licensure from the department. exit requirements shall include, at a minimum, the following:
(1) successful demonstration of competency in all relevant areas, subjects, or categories of the New Mexico teacher assessments; and
(2) a written recommendation from the EPP that the candidate demonstrates the dispositions necessary for success in the classroom and other learning environments, including an understanding of culturally and linguistically relevant pedagogy.
H. EPP providers shall detail in the EPP application how the EPP provider plans to provide support to the candidates' completion of all teaching licensure requirements and department processes, including passage of all required assessments.
I. In a form approved by the department and no later than September 1, all EPPs shall annually submit candidate-level data required by the EAR. Failure to comply with data reporting and collection requests may result in revocation of the EPP's approval.
J. EPPs shall fully comply, in a timely manner, with all requirements that allow the department to generate the EAR and the comprehensive state approval.


N.M. Code R. §
Adopted by New Mexico Register, Volume XXX, Issue 20, October 29, 2019, eff. 10/29/2019, Amended by New Mexico Register, Volume XXXII, Issue 11, June 8, 2021, eff. 6/8/2021

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