N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. Tit. 22 § 202.61 - Exchange of appraisal reports in eminent domain proceedings

(1) In all proceedings for the determination of the value of property taken pursuant to eminent domain, the exchange of appraisal reports shall be accomplished in the same manner as provided for the exchange of such reports by section 202.59(g) and 202.60(g) of this Part, except that such reports shall be filed no later than nine months after service of the claim, demand or notice of appearance required by section 503 of the Eminent Domain Procedure Law unless otherwise extended by the court. A note of issue may not be filed until such reports have been filed.
(2) If a party intends to offer at trial expert evidence in rebuttal to any report, an expert's report shall be filed within 60 days after receipt of the document sought to be rebutted.
(3) Upon application of any party upon such notice as the court in which the proceeding is pending shall direct, the court may, upon good cause shown, relieve a party of a default in filing a report, extend the time for filing reports, or allow an amended or supplemental report to be filed upon such conditions as the court may direct.
(b) In proceedings where more than one parcel is involved, the appraisal reports shall be distributed only to the taking authority and to the claimant or claimants who are owners of parcels which are the subject of the appraisal report. In the event that a party defaults in filing an appraisal report within the time limitation prescribed, the clerk shall return the filed copies of each party's appraisal report, with notice to the party in default.
(c) The contents and form of each appraisal report, including any rebuttal, amended or supplementary report, shall conform to the requirements of sections 202.59(g) and 202.60(g) of this Part.
(d) All appraisals of fixtures submitted on behalf of the claimants and the condemnor for which claim is made shall be filed and distributed as provided by these rules with respect to appraisal reports and shall set forth the appraisal value of each item in the same numerical order as in the inventory annexed to the claim.
(1) Where the condemnor puts in issue the existence of any item in the inventory, the appraisal submitted on its behalf shall so state.
(2) Where the condemnor puts in issue the description of any item in the inventory, the appraisal submitted on behalf of the condemnor shall state its appraiser's description of such item and his or her estimate of value.
(3) Where the condemnor puts in issue the compensability of any item in the inventory, the appraisal report submitted by the condemnor shall so state and shall state the ground therefor, as well as its appraiser's estimate of the value of such item for consideration in the event that the court should determine that it is compensable.
(e) Upon trial, all parties shall be limited in their affirmative proof of value to matters set forth in their respective appraisal reports. Any party who fails to file an appraisal report as required by this section shall be precluded from offering any appraisal testimony on value.


N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. Tit. 22 § 202.61

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