Regulations for off-premise location of billboard, outdoor advertising structures and displays which are located within 660 feet of the right of way of U.S. Highway 64-264 on Roanoke Island:

(1) No off-premise advertisement, advertising, advertising structure or sign shall be erected, constructed, installed, maintained or operated in the Corridor without first obtaining a Certificate of Appropriateness.

(2) Standards for Outdoor Advertising.

(a) In zoned and unzoned residential districts the minimum distance from the right of way shall be 660 feet unless otherwise specified or prohibited by local ordinance.

(b) In zoned and unzoned commercial districts the minimum distance from the right of way shall be 50 feet unless otherwise specified or prohibited by local ordinance.

(c) The sign display board shall measure no larger than local ordinances allow.

(d) The top of the sign shall be no higher than 14 feet above existing grade, except where other ordinances apply.

(e) No trees, shrubs or other vegetation within 50 feet of the right of way can be removed to accommodate outdoor advertising without a Certificate of Appropriateness.

(3) Any outdoor advertising erected, altered or established after the effective date of these Regulations shall be unlawful and constitute a nuisance unless a Certificate of Appropriateness is obtained. The commission shall give 30 days notice by registered mail to the owner of the non-conforming advertising and/or structure if such owner by reasonable diligence can be ascertained, to move the advertising, structure or sign. The commission or its agent shall have the right to remove or to contract to have removed the non-conforming advertisement, structure or sign at the expense of the said owner if the said owner fails to act within 30 days after the signed receipt of such notice. The commission or its agent or contractor may enter upon private property for the purpose of removing the advertising, structures and/or signs prohibited by these Regulations without civil or criminal liability.

(4) Highway signs located within the Corridor are exempt from these Regulations inasmuch as maintenance of standard colors, shapes, sizes and location are necessary for highway safety. The backs and structures on all highway signs will conform to the color described as Roanoke Island Brown.

(Authority 1981 S.L., c. 1194, s. 1(1)(a); 1985 S.L., c. 673, s. 2.1(b); Eff. February 1, 1987.)

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