11 .0202 - LANDSCAPING


Regulations for the landscaping of the U.S. Highway 64-264 right of way within the Corridor:

(1) Landscaping, seeding, earthmoving, planting, topsoiling and pruning within the right of way shall be prohibited without a plan approved by the commission and a Certificate of Appropriateness issued by the commission.

(2) Maintenance and planting when approved by the commission shall be in accordance with Guidelines for Planting Within Highway Right of Ways published by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, prepared by the Landscape Unit, Division of Highways, P. O. Box 25201, Raleigh, North Carolina 27611, telephone (919) 733-2920.

(Authority 1981 S.L., c. 1194, s. 1(1)(b); 1985 S.L., c. 673, s. 2.1(b); Eff. February 1, 1987.)

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