11 .0301 - APPLICATION


Anyone seeking to take any action within the jurisdiction of the Corridor, including but not limited to removing or moving trees or shrubs, installing or maintaining utilities, or installing a driveway or curb cut or erecting outdoor advertising, will first obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness from the commission. The proposed action must comply with the regulations outlined herein. Any individual, individuals or group seeking such certificate will submit five copies of the proposed sketch plan or letter to the commission for review. The sketch plan and/or letter showing the proposed action within the Corridor must contain the following information:

(1) A sketch map of the vicinity of the proposed action showing its location in relation to neighboring tracts, plantings within the Corridor, existing signs, roads and waterways.

(2) The boundaries and total acreage of the tract where the proposed action is to take place.

(3) The name, address and telephone number of the owner of the tract where the proposed action is to take place.

(4) Existing vegetation on the right of way and on land within 50 feet of the right of way.

(5) An inventory of the trees to be removed.

(6) A narrative explaining the reasoning behind the proposed removal.

(7) An inventory of plants, their sizes and quantities proposed to replace those removed and/or complement those remaining.

(8) Designation of the person /persons who will be responsible for removal and/or installation of the trees.

(9) An estimate of the cost of the removal and installation proposed.

(10) A sketch plan showing the location of all existing and proposed driveway cuts and the vegetation affected thereby.

(11) An erosion and sedimentation control plan as required by G.S. 113A-67 shall be filed where applicable with the application.

The commission, upon written request, may waive any of the above information determined to be extraneous to the review process for the specific request.

(Authority 1981 S.L., c. 1194, s. 6; Eff. February 1, 1987.)

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