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February 28, 2001

Mr. Ferrell Blount

Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2002

PO Box 12949

Raleigh, NC 27605

Re: Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2002

Dear Mr. Blount,

Your letter dated February 22, 2001 details the plans for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2002 (SRLC) and requests a ruling pursuant to G. S. 163-278.23.

Contingent upon all the assurances and performances set out in your letter, SRLC will not be required to file a report disclosing the finances of the conference. The more important assurances given are as follow:

· The SRLC will be an independent business entity with separate accounts from the North Carolina Republican Party.

· All funds raised from corporations will be solicited by SRLC and spent on the actual conference.

· The North Carolina Republican Party will collect registration fees and will not solicit or accept any registration fees from any business entity.

· Any potential revenue derived by the North Carolina Republican Party will come totally from individual participants.

The November 1, 1989 letter of this office from Executive Secretary-Director Alex K. Brock to Mr. R. Jack Hawke and the October 31, 1989 letter of Mr. Hawke to this office, are attached and are incorporated into this opinion by reference.

If any of the circumstances of the 2002 SRLC conference set out in your recent letter change, please contact this office.


Gary O. Bartlett

Executive Secretary-Director

Attachments: Your letter of February 22, 2001

Letter of Mr. Jack Hawke of October 31, 1989

This office's letter of November 1, 1989

cc: North Carolina Republican Party

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