(a) Multiple Registrations. Only one mark in one class may be included on each application for registration. A separate application and filing fee is required for each class in which registration is desired.

(b) Description of Mark. A description of the mark, other than merely a word mark, must be set forth in the application including a written description of any designs sought to be registered. All extraneous matter must be omitted.

(c) Description of Goods or Services. The description of the goods or services set forth in the application must contain specific goods or services rather than broad categories of goods or services.

(d) Classification. The classification of goods and services set forth in G.S. 80-9 is established for the convenience of administration. Applications which state a classification which is not appropriate will be changed to the appropriate classification prior to registration.

(e) Specimens. The function of the specimens submitted with the application is to show the mark in use. Actual specimens from one of the methods or modes of use listed in the application must be submitted. Where submission of an actual specimen is not practical due to the size or manner of use, a photograph of the mark in use or a facsimile of the mark showing the mark as used may be submitted.

(Authority G.S. 80-3; 80-9; Eff. February 1, 1976.)

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