30-02-02-09 - Marking

30-02-02-09. Marking

1. Any wild northern goshawk (accipiter gentilis), Harris's hawk (parabuteo unicinctus), peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus), or gyrfalcon (falco rusticolus) possessed for falconry purposes must be banded only with a permanent, nonreusable, numbered service leg band that the department will supply.

2. A raptor bred in captivity must be banded with a numbered seamless metal band.

3. A raptor taken from the wild may not be banded with a numbered seamless metal band.

4. A raptor may be implanted with an international organization for standardization-compliant (134.2 kHz) microchip in addition to the band.

5. The alteration, counterfeiting, or defacing of a marker is prohibited except that licensees may remove the rear tab on markers and may smooth any imperfect surface provided the integrity of the marker and numbering are not affected.

6. The loss or removal of any band must be reported within five days and the licensee must request a service nonreusable band from the department. The licensee must submit the required information electronically immediately upon rebanding the raptor (http://permits.fws.gov/186A).

7. If a licensee documents health or injury problems for a raptor that are caused by the band, the licensee shall contact the department and request an exemption to the requirement. In that case, the licensee must keep a copy of the exemption paperwork with the licensee when transporting or flying the raptor.

Any person who violates this section is guilty of a noncriminal offense and shall pay a two hundred dollar fee.

(Amended effective April 1, 1986; January 1, 2000; January 1, 2013.)

General Authority: NDCC 20.1-14-03

Law Implemented: NDCC 20.1-14-03; 50 CFR 21.29

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