67-11-08-05 - Application process

67-11-08-05. Application process

The application process to obtain a credential under this chapter is:

1. A special education director's credential application form provided by the department of public instruction must be submitted including the applicant's name, social security number, date, address, telephone number, educator's professional license number and expiration date. signature, employment information, academic preparation, references; and

2. A copy of official transcripts must be provided.

(Effective February 1, 2000; amended effective July 1, 2003.)

General Authority: NDCC 15.1-02-11, 15.1-32-02, 15.1-32-09

Law Implemented: NDCC 15.1-02-11, 15.1-32-02, 15.1-32-09; 20 USC 1412(a)(15)

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