67-11-20-05 - Speech-language pathology paraprofessional services

67-11-20-05. Speech-language pathology paraprofessional services

1. Speech-language pathology paraprofessionals may only provide speech-language pathology paraprofessional services under the direct control of a supervising speech-language pathologist.

2. A speech-language pathology paraprofessional may:

a. Provide speech-language screenings, without interpretation, following specified screening protocols developed by the supervising speech-language pathologist;

b. Perform documented tasks developed by the supervising speech-language pathologist;

c. Document students' progress toward meeting objectives and report this information to the supervising speech-language pathologist; and

d. Prepare materials, perform scheduling, and maintain space or equipment.

3. A speech-language pathology paraprofessional may not:

a. Make independent decisions regarding changes on the student's individual program;

b. Perform standardized or nonstandardized diagnostic tests, formal or informal evaluations, or interpret test results;

c. Take referrals or dismiss students from a caseload;

d. Participate in conferences or other multidisciplinary team meetings without the presence of the supervising speech-language pathologist;

e. Disclose confidential information either orally or in writing to anyone not designated by the supervising speech-language pathologist;

f. Provide counseling to the student or family regarding a communication disorder;

g. Prepare or sign any formal documentation, including an individualized education program or an assessment plan as a supervising speech-language pathologist; or

h. Maintain the person's own caseload.

(Effective December 1, 2003.)

General Authority: NDCC 15.1-02-11, 15.1-02-16, 15.1-32-02, 15.1-32-09

Law Implemented: NDCC 15.1-02-11, 15.1-32-02, 15.1-32-09; 20 USC 1412(a)(15); 20 USC 6319(c) -(f); 34 CFR 200.58

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