N.D. Admin Code 75-02-09-16 - Revenue offsets

Current through Supplement No. 383, January, 2022

A facility must identify income to offset facility costs when applicable so state financial participation does not supplant or duplicate other funding sources. Any income whether in cash or in any other form received by the facility, with the exception of the established rate, income from payments made under the Workforce Investment Act, donations, and income from charges for private rooms, special services, or bed holds will be offset up to the total of the appropriate actual costs. If actual costs are not identifiable, income will be offset in total to the appropriate cost category. If costs relating to income are reported in more than one cost category, the income must be offset based on the ratio of costs in each of the cost categories. Sources of income include:

1. Income received from or on behalf of employees, guests, or other nonresidents for meals or snacks, or the income received for food and related costs from other government programs such as the United States department of agriculture or the department of public instruction must be offset against dietary costs.
2. Income received from the sale of beverages, candy, or other food items must be offset against dietary costs.
3. Any amount received from insurance for a loss incurred must be offset against the appropriate cost category regardless of when the cost was incurred if the facility did not adjust the basis for depreciable assets.
4. Any refund, rebate, or discount received for a reported cost must be offset against the appropriate cost.
5. Any amount received for use of the facility's vehicles must be offset against transportation costs.
6. Gain on the sale of an asset must be offset against depreciation expense.
7. Revenue received from outside sources for the use of facility buildings or equipment will be offset against property expenses.
8. Any amount received by the facility from outside sources for services provided by facility employees will be offset against salaries.
9. Revenue from investments will be offset against interest expense.
10. Grants, gifts, restricted donations, and awards from the federal, state, local, or philanthropic agencies will be offset against the appropriate cost.
11. Gifts or endowment income designated by a donor for paying specific operating costs incurred in providing contract services must be offset against costs in the year the cost is incurred regardless of when the gift or endowment is received.
12. Other cost-related income or miscellaneous income, including amounts generated through the sale of a previously expensed item, e.g., supplies or equipment, must be offset against the cost category where the item was expensed.
13. Other income to the facility from local, state, or federal units of government may be determined by the department to be an offset against costs.


N.D. Admin Code 75-02-09-16
Effective May 1, 1994; amended effective October 1, 2011.

General Authority: NDCC 50-24.1-04

Law Implemented: 42 USC 1396 a(a)(30)(A)

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