75-03-25-06 - Certification of the volunteer ombudsman -Qualifications

75-03-25-06. Certification of the volunteer ombudsman -Qualifications

The state long-term care ombudsman may certify a volunteer ombudsman. A volunteer ombudsman must be at least eighteen years of age. The volunteer ombudsman is not paid and is not an employee of the department. Each certified volunteer ombudsman must:

1. Have references and experiences that demonstrate the capability to fulfill comparable duties as those listed in section 75-03-25-07;

2. Be free of conflicts of interest;

3. Possess any other qualifications that the state long-term care ombudsman determines necessary to fulfill the duties of the position;

4. Have completed initial and ongoing training;

5. Have agreed to abide by the confidentiality statement, the conflict of interest statement, and the position description;

6. Be able to communicate with long-term care residents and facility staff;

7. Be able to communicate with residents who may be physically or mentally impaired; and

8. Understand and have the ability to advocate on behalf of residents.

(Effective March 1, 1997. Amended by Administrative Rules Supplement 2016-360, April 2016, effective April 1, 2016.)

General Authority: NDCC 50-10.1-03(8); 42 U.S.C. 3011, et seq.

Law Implemented: NDCC 50-10.1-03(8)

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