75-03-25-15 - Statewide uniform reporting system

75-03-25-15. Statewide uniform reporting system

1. The department shall establish a statewide uniform reporting system to collect and analyze information on complaints and conditions in long-term care facilities.

2. The department shall conduct the following actions through the statewide uniform reporting system:

a. Maintain and publicize the availability of a statewide toll-free telephone number for the reporting of complaints regarding long-term care issues;

b. Coordinate the receipt, investigation, referral, and resolution of complaints;

c. Maintain statistical information;

d. Compile and mail a statistical report to other agencies as required;

e. Gather and disseminate information regarding issues facing long-term care facilities;

f. Assist in the development of administrative and legislative proposals for improving the quality of life and care of a long-term care resident of a long-term care facility; and

g. File an annual report that includes a summary of cases, information and referral requests, and long-term care issues.

3. No information maintained in the statewide uniform reporting system shall be disclosed for the purpose of rating or comparing services provided by individual long-term care facilities.

(Effective March 1, 1997.)

General Authority: NDCC 50-10.1-03(8); 42 U.S.C. 3011, et seq.

Law Implemented: NDCC 50-10.1-03(8), 50-10.1-06

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