Ohio Admin. Code 3342-5-12.405 - Operational policy regarding key and electronic access control

(A) Purpose statement. This policy provides for the issuance and accountability of all keys and access cards, which control access to university-owned, operated, or leased properties (collectively "university property"). University facilities management (UFM), through its lock shop, is responsible for the administration of this policy and for providing keys and building access cards to university faculty, staff and students for all university property. Each regional campus and college of podiatric medicine has independent locksmith services operating with the parameters of this policy. Residence services has in-house locksmith services.
(B) Scope. This policy applies to any individual who has been granted authorized individual access to university property. All key and building access cardholders are responsible for the keys and access cards assigned to the individual. This policy does not apply to access to residence halls as managed by the department of residence services. The residence services lock shop is responsible for managing access control for all key and access cards to residence halls. Access to the Kent student center will be managed by the Kent student center administration. Keys and access cards will be supplied by UFM. Key and access card control at regional campuses and the college of podiatric medicine are managed by the respective dean or delegate. Kent state university museum is responsible for managing access to the museum located in Rockwell hall.
(C) Definitions. The definitions provided in rule 3342-5-12.403 of the Administrative Code shall apply to this policy as appropriate.
(D) Procedure. UFM is responsible for the installation, changing or removal of locks and other forms of access to university property. UFM is responsible for the distribution of all keys and access cards, which shall remain the property of Kent state university. Key and access card control at regional campuses, residence services and the college of podiatric medicine and Kent student center are managed by the respective dean, department head or delegate. Annually, the regional campuses and the college of podiatric medicine shall submit specific key and access control procedures along with a detailed inventory of keys and access cards to the associate vice president of facilities, planning and operations. No person shall knowingly possess an unauthorized key or access card for Kent state university.
(1) Lost key or access card. In the event a key or access card is lost or stolen, UFM shall determine if rekeying of the point of access is required. Such determination will be made in consultation with the affected unit administrator, and any such costs associated with the rekeying shall be charged to the unit. Fees for keys lost or not returned by individuals upon leaving the university are the responsibility of the issuing unit.
(2) Duplicating keys is prohibited.
(3) All building master key and grand master key requests must be approved by the associate vice president for facilities planning and operations.
(4) Temporary access to areas may be granted to vendors only by FPO and police services. FPO is responsible for the development and implementation of the process for granting such access and shall communicate this process directly to affected individual units.
(5) Unauthorized locks are prohibited on doors and if found will be removed and discarded. Any damages or repairs resulting from the removal of unauthorized locks will be the responsibility of the unit responsible for the affected area if found in violation of this policy. Electronic locks installed on exterior door(s) must be connected to the KSU network centrally controlled system. The exceptions are regional campuses and the college of podiatric medicine.
(6) All key and access card requests shall be submitted on the UFM lock shop form.
(7) Keys are issued from UFM to individuals and will remain in the key holder's name until UFM physically receives and processes the keys as returned. Keys and access cards are issued from the kent student center to individuals and will remain in the key holder's name until the kent student center physically receives and processes the keys as returned.
(8) All key holders and access card holders shall report lost or stolen keys immediately within twenty-four hours of discovery to UFM lock shop and department or unit.
(E) Responsibilities.
(1) The unit administrator is responsible for:
(a) The full implementation of this policy within the designated area;
(b) Approving (or delegating authority to building curator to approve) key or access card requests and forwarding such requests for further processing in accordance with this policy;
(c) Approving the completed annual key and card access inventory provided for in paragraph (E)(2)(b) of this rule; and
(d) Maintaining appropriate departmental records subject to an internal review;
(2) The building curator is responsible for:
(a) Reviewing an annual inventory, provided by UFM, for all faculty and staff who have key access to the building. regional campuses, residence services and the college of podiatric medicine shall submit a key inventory to UFM lockshop on an annual basis.
(b) Renewing each semester the access cards issued to students who have continuing need for the access cards;
(c) Building curators shall work with the registrar's office to obtain a course schedule prior to each semester, and issue mechanical keys to the instructor for access to the assigned classroom. Curators shall request changes to staff access cards for access to classrooms by sending a list of changes, attached to a work order, to the UFM lock shop. The curator shall keep an inventory of keys and cards issued to instructors for access to classrooms which shall be submitted to the UFM lock shop for review twice a year.
(3) The individual requesting access is responsible for:
(a) Completing the appropriate request form and securing approvals;
(b) Picking up and signing for keys or cards from UFM lock shop. Only the keyholder and/or access cardholder may sign for the keys or access cards.
(c) Maintaining and securing keys or access cards under their control;
(d) Reporting lost or stolen to UFM immediately within twenty-four hours of discovery to UFM lock shop; and
(e) Paying any replacement fee resulting from loss or failure to return an assigned key.
(F) Violation. Employees in violation of this policy will be referred to human resources for appropriate disciplinary action.


Ohio Admin. Code 3342-5-12.405
Effective: 5/15/2019
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3341.04
Rule Amplifies: 3341.01, 341.04

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