Ohio Admin. Code 3356-10-13.3 - Disposition of residual funds from external grants and contracts

Current through all regulations passed and filed through December 3, 2021

(A) Policy statement. Residual funds from external grants and contracts will be deposited in an account of the office of the dean(s) of the college(s) or head of unit/division from which the original proposal emanated, provided that the policies of the external agency permit such a disposition of unused funds.
(B) Purpose. The intent of this policy is to ensure that all research grant/contract and other sponsored program funds received by Youngstown state university ("university") are delegated to the general purpose for which the grant/contract was intended. Furthermore, because the university has limited ability to reward faculty and staff for seeking external funds, use of such residual funds to support research or other scholarly and service activities intended by the external agency and sought by faculty/staff will provide an additional discretionary resource to the colleges and/or other units/divisions as an incentive to seek additional external resources.
(C) Definitions.
(1) "Agency" is any external organization, whether governmental or private, that awards a grant/contract or other sponsored program to the university. It does not include legislated funds for which no competitive application was made by the university.
(2) "College(s) and/or other units/divisions" include those academic colleges or other major departments/units (not in an academic college and usually supervised at an executive director or higher level) that prepared the original application for external funding to the funding agency.
(3) "General purpose for which the grant was intended" means that residual funds will be used to support research/scholarship, instruction, and/or service with the most general interpretation. It does not mean that the expenditure of funds will be used only for the specific purpose originally cited as a deliverable in the grant award.
(D) Procedures.
(1) At the conclusion of an external grant or contract award from an agency, after all accounts have been reconciled, remaining funds will be transferred to an account in the office of the dean(s) of the college(s) and/or the head of the nonacademic department/division that originally submitted the funding proposal.
(2) Grants/contracts made on a fixed price basis will not require additional agency verification that funds do not need to be returned. In other cases where agency guidelines are unclear as to disposition of residual funds, written approval for disposition from the agency will be needed and obtained by the principal investigator/project director. Approval in written or electronic form is acceptable evidence of agency approval. The principle investigator shall forward documentation to the office of research services.
(3) Disposition of residual funds from completed/closed grant/contract or sponsored program accounts will be completed by the office of grants and contracts accounting within ninety days of grant closeout.
(4) If the project was collaborative between/among several college(s) and/or other units/divisions, the disposition of funds will be prorated according to the overall budget distribution as specified in the original/modified grant application. The office of research services will determine the allocation for such distribution to the participating college(s) and/or other units/divisions with the approval of the associate provost director of research services and provost for research when informed by the office of grants accounting that residual funds are available for distribution.
(5) Use of residual funds by the college(s) and/or department/division is discretionary to the dean (or nonacademic department/unit head), but will normally support research, scholarship, education/training, and/or service. Deans (or nonacademic department/unit heads) are encouraged to seek the advice of those individuals whose grant funds have contributed to the sponsored program/grant that generated the residual funds. Any dispute as to the appropriate use of such funds shall be decided by the associate vice president for research director of research services and the provost. Funds shall be held in a restricted account.


Ohio Admin. Code 3356-10-13.3
Effective: 10/26/2020
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3356
Rule Amplifies: 3356
Prior Effective Dates: 08/21/2010, 11/06/2015

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