Ohio Admin. Code 3362-2-05 - Faculty professional leaves

Current through all regulations passed and filed through March 11, 2022

(A) Purpose

The primary purpose of this policy is to advance the academic competence of faculty members while enhancing their contribution to the university as scholars and teachers. Faculty professional leave (FPL) proposals typically focus on improvement of scholarship skills and knowledge and/or production of scholarly products. Faculty members may, however, use FPL for a substantial improvement in pedagogical or administrative skills and knowledge that are beneficial to both the faculty and the university. The FPL program is developed in compliance with section 3345.28 of the Revised Code. All provisions of section 3345.28 of the Revised Code will be adhered to in implementing this policy.

(B) Restrictions

The FPL program is designed to provide faculty with a significant period of uninterrupted time to invest in their professional development.

(1) Enrichment activities involving little or no investment in new skills and knowledge are not appropriate for the program.
(2) Faculty should restrict any other employment activities during a leave to that which clearly advances or enhances the purpose of the FPL. Such employment must be expressly approved by the provost.
(3) Proposals for faculty improvement designed to address long-term institutional priorities or targeted tuition reimbursement or training for approved program initiatives will not be covered under this policy but may be funded in other ways.
(4) Faculty may not apply for the same educational opportunity under both FPL and another university faculty development program during the same year.
(5) Tuition and fees incurred by the faculty member during FPL will not be reimbursed under this policy. In other words, one may apply for tuition and fee reimbursement or FPL, but not both during the same year.
(C) Eligibility

Faculty seeking FPL must have been employed as a tenure-track or tenured faculty member for seven years and be otherwise eligible according to provisions of section 3345.28 of the Revised Code.

(1) Time served at another university, as an adjunct, full-time instructor, visiting or temporary faculty member or while on unpaid leave does not count towards the seven year requirement.
(2) A faculty member who takes an FPL, regardless of duration, becomes eligible again only after completing another seven years of service at Shawnee state university (SSU).
(D) Evaluation

As described in the underlying procedure, FPL applications will be evaluated and approved by both faculty peers and appropriate academic administrators. The president's final approval is required. Evaluators will place greatest weight on the merits of the proposal with regards to the professional development of the faculty member and the advancement of the mission of the university.

(E) Faculty obligations

Faculty who take an FPL must understand and consent to meeting certain obligations.

(1) Faculty who take an FPL are required to return to SSU for a full academic year following completion of the FPL. The underlying procedure will address consequences for failure to return.
(2) Faculty who take an FPL are required to submit a written report of goals and accomplishments within sixty calendar days of the date of their return to service at the university.
(F) Compensation

Faculty who take a one semester leave will be paid one hundred per cent of base salary. Faculty who take a two semester leave will be paid sixty-six per cent of base salary.

(1) The salary noted above is the total amount that may be earned by the faculty member from SSU general funds. Departments and colleges may not rehire faculty on FPL to teach or engage in other compensated activities.
(2) The FPL application must describe any non-SSU compensation that the faculty member will receive while on FPL. Faculty members on FPL for one semester are prohibited under Ohio law and this policy from receiving additional compensation from an external source for FPL work.
(3) A faculty member on a two semester FPL may supplement his/her salary through external sources, such as grants, provided that the activity to be compensated supports the purpose of the FPL and the external support combined with the reduced stipend does not raise the faculty member's compensation above the level of their base salary.
(G) Procedures

The board of trustees authorizes the president to establish procedures to effectively implement this policy.


Ohio Admin. Code 3362-2-05
Effective: 6/19/2017
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3362.03
Rule Amplifies: 3362.03

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