Ohio Admin. Code 3364-72-05 - Departments or schools and departmental or school chairs for the university colleges

(A) Policy statement

The division of academic affairs at the university of Toledo will be organized into colleges with departments of specialized studies or schools with a chair for each department or school.

(B) Purpose of policy

To clarify the organization of the university of Toledo and set forth the rules regarding the appointment, removal and responsibilities of departmental and school chairs and members.

(C) Scope

This policy applies to the entire university and all colleges within the university. This policy supersedes all other policies and procedures of the university with respect to the subject matter contained in this policy, including but not limited to any specific college, or department, school constitution, policy, rule or procedure.

(D) Procedure
(1) Departments and schools
(a) Departments and schools of the university are areas of specialized study composed of faculty with interests of a common purpose ("departments" and "schools"). Departments and schools will serve as the basic administrative, teaching and research units administered by department or school chairs, who will report to the dean of the respective colleges. Departments and schools may be further organized into schools programs, divisions, centers or other units as necessary. Upon the advice of the university chancellor and executive vice president for biosciences and health affairs ("chancellor") or provost and executive vice president for academic affairs ("provost"), the deans may design programs, schools centers, institutes or other types of structures within or between the colleges under the responsibility of that chancellor or the provost.
(b) Department or school chairs
(i) Appointment of department or school chair

The department or school chair is officially appointed by the board of trustees upon the recommendation by the dean to the chancellor or provost of the college under which that department chair is appointed and to the president. Before making the recommendations to the chancellor or provost and then the chancellor or provost recommending to the president, the dean of the appropriate college will confer with faculty members of the department or school for which the chair is to be appointed. The chair may be a member of that college's faculty and although a tenured faculty member is preferred, tenure is not required. Once a person is appointed and approved as chair, the person will not be a member of a faculty collective bargaining unit while holding that office.

(ii) Duration and review

The department or school chair's appointment is only administrative in nature and is not subject to tenure. The chair will may serve for a five-year term and may be renewable for additional five-year terms for good performance. Shorter terms for interim chairs and acting chairs will be structured on mutually agreeable terms. Review of a department or school chair's performance will be conducted by the dean of the college no less than annually for new chairs who have held the position for less than two years and no less than every five years for all other chairs. All performance reviews conducted by the deans for chair performance will be shared with the chancellor or provost of that college. Outside peer review may be initiated at the request of the dean of the college, the chancellor or provost for that college or the president. At any time, the dean at the dean's discretion may initiate a review and thereafter take appropriate action with respect to the chair position.

(iii) Removal

A chair may be removed from the position as chair any time for any reason upon the recommendation of the dean of the college, the chancellor or the provost of that college or the president. In addition, the chair may be removed for cause, including but not limited to failure to perform chair duties, upon the recommendation of any of the following: the dean of the college, the chancellor or provost of the college or the president. The board of trustees will officially approve all removals.

(c) Department or school chairs responsibilities, include but are not limited to, the following:
(i) General administrative responsibility for the affairs of the department or school, including successful planning, organization, development, implementation, and direction of all aspects of the department; providing oversight, assessment, and development of all educational programs and research activities; and general departmental or school leadership including presiding over departmental or school committee meetings and designing and communicating the department's or school's educational and service mission.
(ii) Stewarding the resources of the department and school, the college and the university as an advocate and ambassador for the chair's faculty, staff, students and other stake holders.
(iii) Providing direction in instruction by selecting and scheduling, subject to the approval of the dean, courses to be taught, taking into consideration student demand and departmental or school programming; assisting to assign courses to faculty in accordance with applicable workload policies; leading the department or school in the process of curricular review, revision and development; conveying such changes in curriculum, courses and programs to the college and university as appropriate; guiding curriculum initiatives through to approval;
(iv) Leading in faculty recruitment, instruction, appointments and re-appointments, tenure and promotion per applicable policy; assists the dean in determining salaries and merit increases, sabbatical and other leaves of absence; managing all personnel in the department or school; participating in discipline and discharge where appropriate; and promoting diversity in recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students;
(v) Preparation of the following annual reports and reviews: an annual report of the performance of the department or school; budgetary requests for operating and capital funds and salaries for faculty and staff within the department or school; Annual performance review and evaluation of departmental or school faculty; and other reports as assigned by the dean or provost;
(vi) Facilitate the work of members of the department or school and building consensus and fostering cooperative relationships in the department or school;
(vii) Procuring training and research grants for the department or school; encouraging faculty members to develop applications for training and research grants; and creating and supporting effective partnerships with local and national industry and government;
(viii) Coordinating accreditation initiatives;
(ix) Strategic planning and strategic operations;
(x) Management of all departmental or school finances and resources in a fiscally responsible manner and complying with the university budgetary process;
(xi) Assuring compliance with university policies and procedures;
(xii) Coordinating departmental or school activities with alumni, the Toledo area community and other outside groups; and
(xiii) Accepting other duties as assigned by the dean, chancellor or provost of that college.
(d) Faculty appointments to departments or schools will be made by the board upon the recommendation of the chair with the approval of the dean of the college and the chancellor or provost of the respective college. Such recommendations, only after approval by the president, will be forwarded to the board.


Ohio Admin. Code 3364-72-05
Effective: 3/15/2021
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364
Prior Effective Dates: 04/20/2020

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