Ohio Admin. Code 3364-72-12 - Administrator assuming faculty position

Current through all regulations passed and filed through March 11, 2022

(A) Policy statement

A full time university of Toledo administrator with a concurrent faculty appointment may transition to a full time position as a member of the university faculty in accordance with this university policy and the letter of appointment for the administrative position.

(B) Purpose of policy

This policy addresses the terms and conditions which govern the transition to a faculty position upon completion of an administrative assignment, voluntary election, and termination without cause.

(C) Scope

This policy applies to the officers and deans of the university as specified in rule 3364-1-07 of the Administrative Code titled "Administration of the university," including but not limited to additional officers as the president may from time to time select.

(D) Faculty status for administrators
(1) Administrators who are recruited by the university to serve exclusively or primarily in an administrator position may also be granted an appointment at academic rank in the department, or where appropriate, college of their discipline. They may also apply for tenure in that faculty position.
(2) Faculty members of the university of Toledo who assume administrative positions within the university will retain an academic appointment in the college in which they have been granted tenure.
(3) Upon completion of the administrative assignment, voluntary election to move to faculty status, or termination without cause, he or she will assume a faculty position in a department that will be determined in consultation with the president or provost, as appropriate, dean, and department chairperson(s).
(E) Salary upon return to faculty appointment
(1) Beginning July 1, 2016, the base faculty salary for the return of new administrator's (deans level and above) to a faculty appointment must be established at the time of the administrative assignment. The salary assigned for the faculty position must be approved by the president or provost. The salary previously earned as an administrator is not a factor in determining the new salary.
(2) After a former administrator assumes a faculty position, the faculty member will be eligible for merit and equity adjustments consistent with university policies or applicable collective bargaining agreement.
(3) Salary funding for the administrator in his/her faculty role will be provided based on a determination made by the provost and the senior vice president of finance and administration.
(F) Transition support

The provision of other resources, such as research support or funding for professional development activities, may be considered. Such support will be consistent with that provided incoming faculty of similar rank and length of service, and will be funded by the college or department.

(G) Leaves

Administrators assuming a faculty position may be granted a leave with pay from the end of his/her appointment, through the end of the following semester, to resume scholarly activities and permit the former administrator to prepare for the faculty assignment. Administrators on leave will receive their administrative salary. Once the leave is completed, the salary will be modified to reflect that of a faculty member. In the event said person does not return to the faculty for at least two semesters, the amount paid for the leave must be repaid to the university.

(F) Exceptions

The president may grant exceptions to this policy. Such exceptions will be in writing.

Any administrator with an existing contract or letter of appointment fully executed prior to July 1, 2016 is grandfathered into the provisions of his or her appointment. This policy applies to new administrative appointments effective July 1, 2016 or thereafter.


Ohio Admin. Code 3364-72-12
Effective: 7/1/2016
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3364
Rule Amplifies: 3364

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