Ohio Admin. Code 3745-501-05 - Licensing requirements

(A) No person shall operate or maintain a solid waste or facility, a construction and demolition debris facility, or a construction and demolition debris processing facility without a separate license for each facility as required by Chapter 3714. or 3734. of the Revised Code and the rules adopted thereunder.

[Comment: Failure to obtain a renewal license is grounds for closure.]

(B) Unless otherwise excluded by paragraph (C) of this rule, no person shall operate an infectious waste treatment facility without an infectious waste treatment facility license.
(C) Infectious waste treatment facility exclusions. An infectious waste treatment facility is not required to obtain a license if the infectious waste treatment facility meets any of the following criteria:
(1) Is owned or operated by the generator of the wastes and exclusively treats wastes that are generated at any premises owned or operated by that generator regardless of whether the wastes are generated on the same premises where the generator's treatment facility is located. Treatment of the wastes shall occur utilizing methods, techniques, and practices established by rules adopted under division (C)(1) or (C)(3) of section 3734.021 of the Revised Code. The owner or operator of an infectious waste facility operating in accordance with this paragraph may accept infectious waste generated by small quantity generators for treatment.
(2) Holds a license issued under section 4717.17 of the Revised Code and a permit issued under Chapter 3704. of the Revised Code.
(3) Treats or disposes of dead animals or parts thereof, or the blood of animals, and is subject to any of the following:
(a) Inspection under the "Federal Meat Inspection Act," 81 Stat. 584. 21 U.S. C.A. 603.
(b) Chapter 918. of the Revised Code.
(c) Chapter 953. of the Revised Code.
(4) Holds a solid waste facility license with a notation on the license that the facility also treats infectious waste in accordance with division (B) of section 3734.05 of the Revised Code.
(D) A license issued pursuant to this chapter shall be is effective until December thirty-first of the year for which the license is issued, unless revoked.


Ohio Admin. Code 3745-501-05
Effective: 4/18/2022
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 7/1/2025
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3714.02, 3714.022, 3734.02
Rule Amplifies: 3714.02, 3714.022, 3714.06, 3734.02, 3734.05
Prior Effective Dates: 04/02/2012, 07/01/2020

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