Sec. 5139-35-03 - Administration, organization and management

ยง 5139-35-03. Administration, organization and management

(A) The following standards are mandatory:

(1) The community residential center ("CRC") has a policy manual that is made available to staff.

(2) The CRC meets all applicable licensing requirements of the jurisdiction in which it is located.

(3) The CRC shall allow authorized staff of the department to inspect all aspects of the CRC. Such inspections may include, but not be limited to, evaluation of the physical condition of the CRC, observation and evaluation of the care and services provided to residents by interviewing staff and residents of the rehabilitation center, reviewing case records, and by other appropriate means.

(4) A CRC shall have written policies and procedures regarding the photographing and audio or audio-visual recordings of children in care which require that:

(a) The written consent of a child and the child's parent(s) or guardian be obtained before the child is photographed for fund raising or program publicity purposes.

(b) All photographs and recordings be used in a manner which respects the dignity and confidentiality of the child.

(B) The following standards are recommended:

(1) There exists a written statement that describes the philosophy, goals or purposes of the CRC, which is reviewed at least annually and updated, if necessary. The CRC administrator participates in the formulation of specific CRC goals and objectives.

(2) Written policy and procedure provide for a communication system within the CRC that requires, at a minimum, that the CRC administrator meet at least quarterly with the supervisory staff, and all department heads meet monthly with their key staff members.

(3) There is an operations manual that delineates written policy and procedures for operating and maintaining the CRC. The manual is explained and made available to all employees at the time of their employment. There is an organizational chart for the CRC staff that accurately reflects the structure of authority, responsibility and accountability within the CRC.

(4) The CRC and its programs are managed by a single administrative officer to whom all employees or units of management are responsible.

(5) The agency documents its efforts to conduct a continuing planned program of public information and education.

(6) The CRC shall not admit any child/youth who is a resident of another state or country unless the CRC documents in the child's case record that the party making the placement has the legal authority to make the placement. All such placements shall be made in conformity with the terms of section 2151.56 of the Revised Code or sections 5103.20 to 5103.28 of the Revised Code.

(7) A CRC shall have written policies regarding the participation of children in research projects. These policies shall conform to the 45 C.F.R. 46.101 to 46.119.

(C) The following standard is recommended for public agencies:

A publicly operated CRC shall have an advisory board of at least five persons representing the juvenile justice system, educational and other youth services agencies of the community. The board shall meet at least annually.

(D) The following standards are recommended for private agencies:

(1) The governing body of the agency shall be responsible for the operation of the CRC. This body shall consist of at least five members representing the juvenile justice system, educational and other youth service agencies of the community.

(2) The agency shall be incorporated in compliance with section 5103.04 and Chapter 1701. or 1702. of the Revised Code.

(Effective: 12/12/2019 Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 9/27/2019 and 12/12/2024 Promulgated Under: 111.15 Statutory Authority: 5139.04 Rule Amplifies: 5139.04 Prior Effective Dates: 12/11/1988, 11/03/2004, 10/30/2014)

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