Okla. Admin. Code § 210:1-3-13 - Publications

(a) The Board encourages the publication of information that will be of service to schools in expediting the teaching-learning processes. Such publications may be printed with Department printing facilities, State Central Printing, or by contract, whichever is most feasible.
(b) Local school representatives should be involved in the development of the Department publications. Specialists from teacher-training institutions should also be used as consultants when appropriate.
(c) Curriculum materials and guides should supplement and enrich local programs of instruction and serve as examples of resources available for learning if local needs are to be fully addressed.
(d) In accordance with State law anything that is written (whatever the form) and released outside the Department is considered a state publication. Covers for such publications must include:
(1) name of publication,
(2) Oklahoma State Department of Education, name of the State Superintendent, and
(3) the date of publication. The cover may also include identifying characteristics of the publication or pertinent art work that enhances the appearance of such publication. [65-3-113.2]
(e) No person's name shall appear on the front cover, except that of the State Superintendent. All other information-author, acknowledgements, division, subdivision, title, date, and place of publication-may be added to the title (or second) page.
(f) Handouts and other informally disseminated materials should meet one of two requirements:
(1) If the materials are prepared, produced, or generated by State Department of Education (SDE) staff, "Oklahoma State Department of Education, and the name of the State Superintendent" must appear on the front page.
(2) If the materials were not prepared, produced, or generated by SDE staff, then no SDE identification or staff name should appear on the material. All such material to be distributed by SDE staff must comply with copyright laws and be approved by the section administrator before being reproduced and distributed.
(g) Publications, handouts, media productions, or other materials which bear SDE identification but contain quotations, extracts, speeches, graphics, or presentations made by others, should contain a disclaimer statement. Although highly rated, possibly contracted by the Department for the purpose, and approved by the section administrator, such material may be susceptible of interpretation as being in conflict with State Board policy, procedures, rules, or regulations, and would therefore need a disclaimer.
(h) The disclaimer shall consist of a separate paragraph inserted near the front of the production essentially conforming to one of the following statements:
(1) The content of this material does not necessarily reflect the official views of the Oklahoma State Department of Education.
(2) This work was developed under a contract from (or in cooperation with) the Oklahoma Department of Education. However, the content does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of his agency and no official endorsement of these materials should be inferred.


Okla. Admin. Code § 210:1-3-13
Amended at 14 Ok Reg 3297, eff 5-5-97 (emergency); Amended at 15 Ok Reg 2212, eff 6-11-98

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