Okla. Admin. Code § 210:25-3-7 - Financial information processing

These regulations apply to data processing service centers planning to provide services to schools, as well as to schools providing their own computer services (hereafter both referred to as Center), implementing Oklahoma Cost Accounting System (OCAS).

(1) The Center shall have available adequate data equipment to process the information.
(2) Personnel of the Center shall have an adequate understanding of the school finance laws and regulations implementing OCAS in the State of Oklahoma.
(3) No warrant/check shall be issued in excess of the properly approved appropriations or cash on hand for non appropriated funds.
(4) The Center will provide forms and/or means of transmitting proper information to and from the Center.
(5) The Center shall provide a complete audit trail of transactions in the form of a fiscal year-to-date (or monthly) detailed Budget Analysis, listing all encumbrances and payments by date.
(6) All financial transactions must be computer program generated for transfer of information to State Department of Education, coding to the bold or ability to roll to the bold codes if detailed coding is desired at district level, as printed in the OCAS manual.
(7) The Center must have the ability to transfer financial information, for all funds, for expenditures and revenue to the State Department of Education, when requested via the Web-based OCAS system.
(8) The Center must have ability to provide adequate audit trail for all entries.
(9) The Center is required to provide a computer generated program from the warrant registry with detail and summary expenditure reports on 8 1/2" X 11", unlined paper, in SDE approved format for claiming of federal fund reimbursements based on warrants issued. No expenditures will be processed on any report that has any manual changes on it.
(10) The Center must have ability to roll to the third digit of Function, first digit of Object in OCAS for federal programs report summary page.
(11) The Center must have ability to meet minimum criteria for software implementing OCAS as developed by the State Department of Education.
(12) Computer generated Record and Report of School District Expenditure forms requesting reimbursement against any federal program section of the State Department of Education must be received or postmarked on or before August 1, effective July 1, 2008. Unclaimed funds in the federal program areas will become carry-over funds into the new school year and be spent and claimed for reimbursement.
(13) The Center will provide all necessary pertinent information requested by the school district and promptly make all required monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
(14) The Center shall process budgetary changes provided that said budgetary changes conform with Statutes pertaining to School Finance.
(15) The Center shall not process a supplemental allocation unless said allocation is accompanied by a Supplemental Estimate (Form 150), or a Request for Approval of State Aid and/or Federal Aid (Form 307) or Cash Fund Estimate of Needs and Request for Appropriation of Funds for Schools (Form 308), properly signed, authorizing the allocation of an additional appropriation of funds.
(16) The Center is required to continuously report the condition of all prior fiscal year funds with active balances.
(17) The Center shall furnish all necessary instructions to the school personnel necessary to initiate and maintain the program.
(18) The Center and software vendor providing services for a school district during a fiscal year shall be required to process and incorporate all pertinent information of each of the affected current year's funds from the beginning of the fiscal year. They shall also be required to process all payroll information for the calendar year of initiation.
(19) The Center and software vendor may be required to continue services to a school district until all transactions for the current fiscal year are completed even though the school district does not contract for the ensuing fiscal year.
(20) The Center is subject to review by the State Board of Education.


Okla. Admin. Code § 210:25-3-7
Amended at 10 Ok Reg 1383, eff 4-26-93; Amended at 20 Ok Reg 822, eff 5-15-03; Amended at 22 Ok Reg 1849, eff 6-25-05; Amended at 23 Ok Reg 3161, eff 7-13-06 through 7-14-07 (emergency)1; Amended at 25 Ok Reg 1911, eff 6-26-08
1This emergency action expired without being superseded by a permanent action. Upon expiration of an emergency amendatory action, the last effective permanent text is reinstated. Therefore, on 7-15-07 (after the 7-14-07 expiration of the emergency action), the text of 210:25-3-7 reverted back to the permanent text that became effective 6-25-05, as was last published in the 2006 Edition of the OAC, and remained as such until amended again by permanent action on 6-26-08.

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