Okla. Admin. Code § 390:35-15-7 - Attendance and administrative requirements

(a) School coordinators shall provide the following information to CLEET, thirty (30) days in advance of each training course conducted, on forms to be provided by CLEET:
(1) Training facility location;
(2) Chief Administrative Officer of the school;
(3) School coordinator and resume;
(4) Course schedule, to include dates, hours and instructors for each unit of instruction; and
(5) Resumes on all Instructors.
(b) Any changes in an approved school curriculum, instructors, or training schedules, shall be reported to CLEET in advance of the changes.
(c) Private security personnel enrolled in an approved training school are required to attend all prescribed units of instruction. Tardiness and absenteeism will not be permitted. Students will be required to make up any training missed.
(d) It shall be incumbent upon students enrolled at an approved school to comply with the rules and policies promulgated by the school and any rules established by, and within the authority of the school coordinator. If a school coordinator considers violations of such rules to be detrimental to the welfare of the school, the school coordinator may expel offending individuals from the school. Notification of such actions shall be reported immediately to the employing agency and to CLEET. School coordinators shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of these rules and regulations.
(e) At the end of each training course, each student shall be given the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the school coordinator and each instructor on a form provided by CLEET. CLEET staff may conduct these evaluations, at their discretion.
(f) School coordinators shall submit a roster of graduating students, certifying that each student has met the requirements of the course conducted. This certification shall be submitted to CLEET within seven (7) days after the completion of the course, on a form provided by CLEET.
(g) Each training school coordinator will be required to maintain class files for a period of five (5) years from the completion date of each course conducted. Class files shall contain the following:
(1) Roster of students who attended and/or successfully complete the course;
(2) Accurate attendance records;
(3) Examination scores (including firearms familiarization scores), and
(4) Unit instructors.
(h) Applicants must successfully complete a licensing examination administered by CLEET, or an approved testing center, based on the official private security curricula, prior to issuance of a license.
(1) If the applicant is unable to successfully pass the examination after three (3) attempts, he/she must retake the course.
(2) After repeating the course, applicants will be given two opportunities to successfully pass the examination.
(3) Training costs will be paid by the applicant.


Okla. Admin. Code § 390:35-15-7
Amended at 11 Ok Reg 1289, eff 2-16-94 (emergency); Amended at 11 Ok Reg 2853, eff 6-15-94; Amended at 16 Ok Reg 1200, eff 5-27-99; Amended at 28 Ok Reg 1740, eff 6-25-11
Amended by Oklahoma Register, Volume 31, Issue 24, September 2, 2014, eff. 9/15/2014

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