Okla. Admin. Code § 765:16-1-2 - Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this Chapter, shall have the following meaning, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Advertisement" means an oral, written, graphic, or pictorial statement made in the course of soliciting business, including, without limitation, a statement or representation made in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication, or contained in a notice, sign, poster, display, circular, pamphlet, or letter, or on radio or on television or on the Internet.

"Bait advertisement" means an alluring but insincere offer to sell a product but which has as its primary purpose of obtaining leads of persons interested in buying the advertised product in order to sell some other product at a higher price or on a basis more advantageous to the advertiser.

"Clear and conspicuous" means that the statement, representation, or disclosure is of such size, color, contrast, and audibility and is presented so as to be readily noticed and understood. All language and terms, including abbreviations, shall be used in accordance with their common or ordinary usage and meaning. This standard shall be met by the following:

(1) In print advertisement:

(A) The type size of 5 ½ caps or larger shall be used in all disclosures.

(B) Disclosures shall be located adjacent to the price or in an area clearly marked with reference symbols. All reference symbol marks, such as asterisks, must be type size 5 ½ caps or larger.

(2) In an audio advertisement:

(A) The disclosure shall be clear and understandable in pace and volume; and,

(B) The disclosure shall be placed at the end of the advertisement.

(3) In a television advertisement:

(A) The disclosure shall be in visual form so that the average viewer may easily read and understand it.

(B) The disclosure size shall be at least twenty (20) scan lines and each disclosure shall appear continuously on the screen for at least ten (10) seconds.

"Demonstrator" means those vehicles that are of the current or previous model year which have not been sold, titled, or registered to any type of purchaser and are used by dealership personnel for demonstration purposes. Service vehicles, courtesy cars, daily rentals, loners, driver education and factory executive cars shall not be described as "demonstrator" vehicles. Demonstrators may be advertised for sale, as such, only by a franchised dealer of the same line-make of vehicle.

"Disclosure" means required information that is clear, conspicuous, and accurate.

"Factory Executive/Official Vehicle" means a new motor vehicle with an original Manufacturer's Statement of Origin or used motor vehicle with a Certificate of Title, that has been used exclusively by an executive or official of the dealer's franchising manufacturer, distributor, or their subsidiaries. The advertiser shall state clearly whether the vehicle is a new or used vehicle.

"Licensee" means any person required to obtain a license from the Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission.

"Program vehicle" means a vehicle that is purchased at a manufacturer's closed auction or sold by or directly from the manufacturer or distributor which is a current or previous year model, that has been previously tagged and/or titled, and returned to the manufacturer for disposal.

"Rebate or cash back" means a sum of money refunded to a purchaser or for the benefit of the purchaser. The purchaser may choose to reduce the amount of the purchase price by the sum of money or the purchaser may opt for the money to be returned to the purchaser for his or her benefit.


Okla. Admin. Code § 765:16-1-2
Added at 16 Ok Reg 3187, eff 7-12-99; Amended at 23 Ok Reg 2889, eff 6-25-06

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