Okla. Admin. Code § 252:100-11-4 - Application for alternative emissions reduction plan authorizations

Current through Register Vol. 39, No. 7, December 15, 2021

(a) Filing. A facility seeking to operate under an alternative emissions reduction plan (referred to as the plan) shall submit an application for authorization to the DEQ.
(b) Content. An alternative emissions reduction plan application shall include, but shall not be limited to:
(1) identification of the applicant facility by name and location;
(2) the name, address, and telephone/fax numbers of the owner or operator of the applicant facility;
(3) the permit number under which each affected emission point is presently operating or, if the affected emission point is grandfathered from permit requirements, the date emissions of each affected pollutant from each affected emission point commenced;
(4) a narrative of the proposed plan including a description of the means and methods to achieve the proposed alternative reductions;
(5) the specific requirement for which an exemption is being requested and why that requirement cannot or is not being met;
(6) a plot plan of all the emission points at the facility identifying the affected emission points within the facility and all affected pollutants emitted from each emission point, clearly marking the measured distance between each affected emission point, showing the stack height of each emission point or proposed emission point, showing the location of existing air pollution control equipment and the particular emission points controlled by this equipment, and showing the proposed location of any new control equipment to be added as a result of the implementation of the alternative emissions reduction plan and the emission points to be controlled by this new equipment;
(7) the actual emission levels of all affected pollutants from each emission point;
(8) estimated levels of any affected pollutant to be emitted should the authorization be issued including estimates of the levels of affected pollutants to be emitted from each emission point considered and control strategies and/or equipment that will be implemented to control emission levels;
(9) identification of all affected pollutants according to individual chemical components;
(10) as applicable, identification of particulate matter according to both chemical components and particle size;
(11) modeling/monitoring data substantiating the current ambient levels of all affected pollutants, and if required, modeling demonstrating that the plan will not cause or contribute to a violation of the NAAQS;
(12) the method utilized in calculating the projected emissions levels;
(13) if the applicant facility is out of compliance with any emission standard or limit, a compliance plan which includes dates and milestones for implementation of the elements of the alternative emissions reduction plan;
(14) the net emission reduction as defined in OAC 252:100-11-2, and;
(15) any other information required by the application form.
(c) Multiple facilities. If the application includes more than one facility under the control of the applicant, located on contiguous or adjacent property, and affecting the same airshed, in addition to the information required in OAC 252:100-11-4(b), the application shall include a plot plan showing the physical relationship of the facilities with the measured distance between the facilities clearly marked.


Okla. Admin. Code § 252:100-11-4
Added at 11 Ok Reg 977, eff 1-14-94 (emergency); Added at 11 Ok Reg 2031, eff 5-26-94; Amended at 13 Ok Reg 1919, eff 7-1-96; Amended at 18 Ok Reg 1487, eff 6-1-01; Amended at 20 Ok Reg 1127, eff 6-1-03

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