630:1-1-1 - Purpose; construction of rules

630:1-1-1. Purpose; construction of rules

The rules of this chapter are adopted pursuant to Title 82 O.S. Section 1451-1471 . They are adopted as standards guiding the practice and procedures of the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission ("OSRC") and for the purpose of simplifying procedures, avoiding delays, saving expense, and facilitating the administration of the Scenic Rivers Area for the Flint Creek and the Illinois River Scenic River Areas and those portions of Barren Fork Creek within Cherokee County. To the end that these objectives be obtained, the rules of this chapter shall be given a fair and impartial construction and under no circumstances shall they be construed to deprive or limit the commission of any powers, duties and jurisdiction otherwise conferred by law.

Amended at 10 Ok Reg 1005, eff 3-26-93; Amended at 25 Ok Reg 1997, eff 7-1-08

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