630:1-1-5 - Rulemaking hearings

630:1-1-5. Rulemaking hearings

(a) Conduct. A Commissioner, the Administrator or his designee may conduct a rulemaking hearing when required by the APA. Notice shall be given as provided in the APA. A rulemaking hearing may be conducted separately from, or as part of, any meeting of the Commission. Rulemaking hearings shall be informal, but conducted in an orderly manner.

(b) Comments. Members of the public may comment orally at the hearing or submit written comments by the close of a specified comment period, or both. The person conducting the hearing may set reasonable time limits on oral presentations, may exclude repetitive or irrelevant comments, and shall keep a record of the proceeding.

(c) Summary of comments. If the rulemaking hearing is not part of a Commission meeting, then the person conducting the rulemaking hearing shall prepare a fair and accurate summary of relevant comments received, and provide the summary to the Commission before the Commission takes final action on the proposed rules.

(d) Continuation. The person conducting the rulemaking hearing or the Commission may continue the hearing. Any continuation shall be announced orally at the rulemaking hearing and shall not require publication.

Added at 25 Ok Reg 1997, eff 7-1-08

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