630:1-1-6 - Minimum local government standards

630:1-1-6. Minimum local government standards

The OSRC is authorized to prepare and establish minimum standards for the planning and other ordinances and rules of local government agencies whose political boundaries cross scenic rivers or lands adjacent and contiguous to scenic rivers. See, 82 O.S. ยง 1461, paragraph G.

(1) Before taking comment on, adopting or recommending any local government planning standard, the OSRC shall give notice of the proposed action to the public and to each local government agency that may be affected by such standard, and shall generally follow the procedures for rulemaking hearings (OAC 630-1-1-5) insofar as they may be applicable.

(2) Minimum local government standards, while not rules of the Commission, may be adopted by the Commission and may be treated procedurally as if they were rules and subject to petitions for rulemaking and for declaratory rulings. The OSRC shall notify any local government agency that may be affected of the filing of such a petition and allow the agency to comment and intervene if the OSRC convenes an individual hearing.

Added at 25 Ok Reg 1997, eff 7-1-08

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