630:1-1-8 - The OSRC

630:1-1-8. The OSRC

(a) The agency. The OSRC is an agency of the State of Oklahoma, consisting of a seven-to-fifteen-member governing body of Commissioners (the Commission), an Administrator, support staff and River Rangers. The OSRC implements the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Act, 82 O.S. Section 1451 and following.

(1) Officers. At its first regular meeting each year, the Commissioners shall elect a chair, a vice-chair and a secretary. Officers may succeed themselves once to serve two consecutive years, as provided in the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Act.

(2) Commissioner attendance. As required by the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Act, any commissioner who misses three regular meetings in succession, without absence excused by the chair, is subject to replacement. The OSRC will look to the appointing authority for the commissioner being replaced to provide the replacement.

(b) Principal office. The principal office of the OSRC is 15971 Highway 10, Tahlequah 74464 (which is 2 miles northeast of Tahlequah on State Highway #10). Its mailing address is P.O. Box 292, Tahlequah, OK 74465-0292, and its office hours are 8 to 4:30, Monday through Friday except state holidays.

(c) Communicating with OSRC. Communications to the OSRC shall be directed to the Administrator. Communications to the Commission may be made through the Administrator.

(d) Meetings. The Commission meets at such times and places as it deems necessary, with a regular meeting at least once each quarter of each calendar year. Meetings of the Commissioners are open to the public except as provided in the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act, 25 O.S. Sections 301 and following.

(1) Regular meetings. The OSRC must notify the Secretary of State by December 15th of each year of the date, time and place of regularly scheduled meetings for the following calendar year.

(2) Special meetings. Special meetings may be called by the chair or the vice-chair in their discretion, and if three commissioners so request. The OSRC must, at least 48-hours in advance, notify the Secretary of State, and mail to each person who has made a written request to be notified of OSRC meetings and has paid any applicable fees.

(3) Agendas. Meeting agendas are to provide factual explanation of matters to be taken up, and shall reserve time during the meeting for public comments on agenda action items. Agendas shall be developed by the Administrator with the advice of the Chair. Time permitting, an agenda shall be sent to each Commissioner in advance of a regularly scheduled meeting. The Commissioners may, by majority vote during a meeting, continue an agenda item or specify a new agenda item for another meeting. The chair may set reasonable time limits on oral comment and may accept written submittals. An agenda is to be posted at the OSRC or other place of meeting at least 24-hours in advance, not including weekends and state holidays.

(4) Minutes. Minutes or a record shall be made of all Commission proceedings to show members present and absent, matters considered, actions taken and the vote of each member on each action.

(e) Open records. Records of the OSRC shall be open to any person for inspection or copying pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Records Act, 52 O.S. Section 24A.5 and following.

(f) Committees. The Commission may appoint ad hoc committees to assist the OSRC for any lawful purpose.

Added at 25 Ok Reg 1997, eff 7-1-08

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