710:60-3-22 - Charitable organization vehicle registration

710:60-3-22. Charitable organization vehicle registration

(a) Vehicles donated to a charitable organization licensed through the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office are exempt from delinquent registration fees, excise tax, and penalties. The charitable organization is responsible only for a title fee, when applicable.

(b) Should ownership of a vehicle on which delinquent taxes are due be assigned to a licensed charitable organization and subsequently reassigned back to the donor, all delinquent taxes and fees again become due.

(c) Organizations entitled to a specific exemption from the Secretary of State charitable organization registration requirements pursuant to 18 OS ยง 552.4 may, upon confirmation of that exemption by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, receive and assign ownership of donated vehicles in the same manner as registered charitable organizations.

(d) A nonprofit charitable organization which is exempt from taxation pursuant to the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C., Section 501(c)(3), and which accepts donations of used motor vehicles previously titled in Oklahoma to be subsequently transferred to another owner, upon the qualifying organization providing sufficient documentation of its tax-exempt status, may obtain from the Oklahoma Tax Commission charitable nonprofit organization license plates for demonstrating, transporting or test-driving donated vehicles, provided that no organization shall possess or use at any one time more than eight (8) such plates.

(Amended by Oklahoma Register, Volume 31, Issue 24, September 2, 2014, eff. 9/12/2014 Amended by Oklahoma Register, Volume 34, Issue 24, September 1, 2017, eff. 9/11/2017)

Added at 17 Ok Reg 2160, eff 6-11-00; Amended at 18 Ok Reg 878, eff 2-23-01 (emergency); Amended at 18 Ok Reg 1340, eff 5-11-01; Amended at 22 Ok Reg 1549, eff 6-11-05

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