723:10-1-5 - Application process

723:10-1-5. Application process

(a) Any eligible entity may submit an application to the agency. No fee is required to submit an application.

(b) The application shall be completed by an individual employed by or affiliated with the eligible entity and shall include all information and attachments requested.

(c) If an application is not submitted by the designated date and time, it shall be returned without consideration.

(d) Timely applications are reviewed by the agency to determine completeness.

(e) The directors may require any applicant to provide additional information. An application is not considered final until all requested information has been submitted.

(f) An application that is not reviewed for any failure on the part of the applicant shall be deemed to be a withdrawal of the application.

Added at 27 Ok Reg 1971, eff 6-25-10

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