765:37-6-1 - Terms used

765:37-6-1. Terms used

(a) Permanent installation. Installation of a manufactured home shall be deemed a permanent installation in any circumstance in which the manufactured home will be occupied.

(b) Generic Set. Installation of a previously occupied (used) manufactured home according to the standards set forth in Subchapter 7 hereinafter shall be deemed a generic set.

(c) HUD Standards and Rules. All references to "HUD Standards" or "HUD Rules" shall refer to HUD's Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards (24 CFR Part 3285). All references in this Chapter to HUD Rules shall refer to HUD's Manufactured Home Installation Program (24 CFR Part 3286).

(Amended by Oklahoma Register, Volume 36, Issue 21, July 15, 2019, eff. 7/25/2019)

1 This emergency action expired before being superseded by a permanent action. Upon expiration of an emergency action enacting a new Section, the text of the Section is no longer effective. Therefore, on 7-15-10 (after the 7-14-10 expiration of the emergency action), the text of section 765:37-6-1 was no longer effective, and remained as such until added again by permanent action on 7-25-10.

Added at 27 Ok Reg 139, eff 9-25-09 through 7-14-10 (emergency) 1 ; Added at 27 Ok Reg 2606, eff 7-25-10 ; Amended at 30 Ok Reg 1876, eff 7-11-13

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