Or. Admin. R. 101-005-0080 - RFP Protest; Request for Change; Request for Clarification

(1) Protest.
(a) Unless otherwise specified in the procurement, a Proposer must deliver a written protest to the Board not less than 10 (ten) calendar days prior to closing;
(b) Content of Protest. A Proposer's written protest shall include:
(A) A detailed statement of the legal and factual grounds for the protest;
(B) A description of the resulting prejudice to the Proposer; and
(C) A statement of the desired changes to the RFP.
(2) Request for Change.
(a) Unless otherwise specified in the procurement, a Proposer may request in writing a change to the Contract terms and conditions. If the RFP allows for a Proposer to make a request for changes, and unless otherwise specified in the RFP, a Proposer must deliver the written request for change to the Board not less than 10 (ten) calendar days prior to closing;
(b) A Proposer's written request for change shall include a statement of the requested changes to the Contract terms and conditions, including specifications together with the reason for the requested change.
(3) Board Response. The Board shall not consider a Proposer's request for change or protest after the deadline established for submitting such request or protest. The Board shall provide notice to the applicable entity if it entirely rejects a protest. If the Board agrees with the entity's request or protest, in whole or in part, the Board shall either issue an addendum reflecting its determination under OAR 137-047-0430 or cancel the solicitation under 137-047-0660.
(4) Extension of Closing. If the Board receives a written request for change or protest from a Proposer in accordance with this rule, the Board may extend closing if the Board determines an extension is necessary to consider the request or protest and to issue an addendum, if any, to the RFP.
(5) Clarification. Unless otherwise specified in the procurement, and prior to the deadline for submitting a written request for change or protest, a Proposer may request that the Board clarify any provision of the RFP. The Board's clarification to a Proposer, whether orally or in writing, does not change the RFP and is not binding on the Board unless the Board amends the RFP by addendum.


Or. Admin. R. 101-005-0080
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 243.061 - 243.302

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 243.135 & 243.125

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