Or. Admin. R. 101-005-0140 - Protest of Contractor Selection, Contract Award

(1) Purpose. An adversely affected or aggrieved Proposer must exhaust all avenues of administrative review and relief before seeking judicial review of the Board's Contractor selection or contract award decision.
(2) Notice of Intent to Award. Unless otherwise provided in the RFP, the Board shall provide written notice to all Proposers of the Board's intent to award the contract(s). The Board's award(s) shall not be final until the later of the following:
(a) Seven (7) days after the date of the notice, unless the RFP provided a different period for protest, or;
(b) The Board provides a written response to all timely filed protests that denies the protests and affirms the award.
(3) Right to Protest Award. An adversely affected or aggrieved Proposer may submit to the Board a written protest of the Board's intent to award within seven (7) days after issuance of the notice of intent to award the contract, unless a different protest period is provided under the RFP.
(a) The Proposer's protest shall be in writing and must specify the grounds upon which the protest is based.
(b) A Proposer is adversely affected or aggrieved only if the Proposer would be eligible to be awarded the contract in the event that the protest were successful, and the reason for the protest is that:
(A) All higher ranked Proposals are nonresponsive;
(B) PEBB has failed to conduct the evaluation of Proposals in accordance with the criteria or processes described in the RFP;
(C) PEBB has abused its discretion in rejecting the protestor's Proposal as nonresponsive; or
(D) PEBB's evaluation of Proposals or PEBB's subsequent determination of award is otherwise in violation of PEBB's rules or ORS 243.105 to 243.285.
(c) The Board shall not consider a protest submitted after the time period established in this rule or such different period as may be provided in the RFP.
(4) Authority to Resolve Protests. The chairperson of the Board, or his or her designee, has the authority to settle or resolve a written protest submitted in accordance with the requirements of this rule.
(5) Decision. If a protest is not settled, the chairperson of the Board, or his or her designee, shall promptly issue a written decision on the protest. Judicial review of this decision will be available if provided by statute.
(6) Award. The successful Proposer shall promptly execute the contract after the award is final and all contractual terms and conditions have been negotiated and agreed upon. The Board shall execute the contract only after it has obtained all applicable required documents and approvals.


Or. Admin. R. 101-005-0140
PEBB 1-2003, f. & cert. ef. 12-4-03; PEBB 1-2004, f. & cert. ef. 7-2-04; PEBB 2-2005, f. 7-26-05, cert. ef. 7-29-05; PEBB 3-2010, f. 9-23-10, cert. ef. 10-1-10

Stat. Auth.: ORS 243.061 - 243.302

Stats. Implemented: ORS 243.135 & 243.125

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