Or. Admin. R. 123-018-0085 - State Contributions to Loss Reserve Accounts

The Department shall determine the amount of money it transfers from the Fund to a Loss Reserve Account as follows:

(1) For each Enrolled Loan, the Department shall deposit an amount equal to or greater than the total fees transmitted as described in OAR 123-018-0080(1)(b) and as required in 123-018-0070, subject to further limitations in this rule.
(2) If one or both of the following conditions exist, the Department shall deposit an amount equal to 200 percent of the minimum allowed by section (1) of this rule, except as otherwise restricted in section (4) of this rule:
(a) The Borrower's business operations that benefit from the Enrolled Loan are entirely located in a Distressed Area at the time that the Qualified Loan is made consistent with OAR 123-018-0080(1)(a); or
(b) The Enrolled Loan provides the Borrower with funding for use in an environmental action on a brownfield(s).
(3) For any Participating Financial Institution, the Department may deposit 200 percent of the minimum allowed by section (1) of this rule if the Loss Reserve Account currently contains less than $100,000 according to the most recent information provided to the Department at the time of loan enrollment.
(4) The Department may not transfer:
(a) An amount greater than $35,000 per Enrolled Loan and associated, concurrent transactions with related business interests; or
(b) More than a total of $150,000 from the Fund to a Loss Reserve Account for a single Qualified Business and related business interests.
(5) Unless otherwise provided in this rule, the Department may transfer up to 200 percent of the minimum described in section (1) of this rule, if the Department finds the Qualified Loan advances economic development or job creation in this state by small business.


Or. Admin. R. 123-018-0085
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 285A.075, 285B.115(3) & 285B.117(4)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 285B.115 & 285B.117

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