Or. Admin. R. 123-019-0010 - Definitions

For the purposes of these rules additional definitions may be found in Procedural Rules, OAR 123-001. For purposes of this division of administrative rules, unless the context demands otherwise:

(1) "Applicant" means any individual, association of individuals, joint venture, partnership or corporation, person or any combination of persons applying for a loan from the Oregon Entrepreneurial Development Fund.
(2) "Business plan" means a plan:
(a) For start-up entities, including but not limited to businesses with less than 24 months of operations, using the standard format set forth in Your Business Plan by Dennis J. Sargent or other such format at may be acceptable to the Certified Entity and the Department, or,
(b) For businesses with 24 or more months of operations an executive summary of business operations including projections and supporting narrative as may be acceptable to the Certified Entity and the Department.
(3) "Certified Entity" means any entity certified by the Director of the Business Development Department under OAR 123-019-0100 including Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs).
(4) "Collateral coverage ratio" means the number of times that the collateral could repay the loan principal. The ratio is usually expressed as "X:1" (or "X to 1"), where "X" is the collateral liquidation value (the net funds expected to be received from the sale of collateral, after expenses) divided by the amount of the loan.
(5) "Equity" means cash and real and personal property that is owned or controlled by an Applicant and committed to use in the project for which a loan from the Fund is being sought. Property other than cash will be conservatively valued by the Department.
(6) "Fund" or "EDLF" means the Oregon Entrepreneurial Development Loan Fund as defined and set forth in Section 13, Chapter 688, Oregon Laws 1991.
(7) "Loan Committee" means any loan committee selected by the Director from the Finance Committee or otherwise appointed by the Director. The Loan Committee shall consist of at least three members, and the Director shall select one of its members to be chair. The Loan Committee shall meet at the call of the chair. Two members of the Loan Committee shall constitute a quorum to transact the business of the Loan Committee.
(8) "Loan to value" or "LTV" means the amount of the loan, expressed as a percentage of the value of the collateral. The formula is the loan amount divided by the value of the subject collateral.
(9) "Project" means the acquisition, improvement, rehabilitation, construction, operation or maintenance of any property, real or personal, that is or will be used or is suitable for use by an economic enterprise, but not including:
(a) A loan for the purchase or construction of residential housing;
(b) A loan for the purchase of property that will not be used for the business operation of the Applicant or is a passive real property investment not used to house the operations of a related company;
(c) A loan for the refinancing of an existing loan; the loan request may be considered for approval if such existing loan was for a business purpose and the refinance is necessary to secure collateral for the loan or improve the collateral coverage, and is a minor part of the new loan.
(10) "Severely Disabled Individuals" means individuals certified as severely disabled by the Vocational Rehabilitation Division of the Department of Human Resources or the Commission for the Blind.
(11) "Small Business Development Center" or "SBDC" means any small business development center described in the Small Business Training Assistance Act of 1983.
(12) "Small Business Management Program" means any of the following:
(a) A going into business class;
(b) A Small Business Management Program offered by an Oregon SBDC;
(c) Any series of classes/seminars/workshops/counseling sessions that meet the approval of a Small Business Development Center or Certified Entity.


Or. Admin. R. 123-019-0010
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 285A.075 & OL 2020 2nd SS Ch 10 Sec 26 and 27

Statutes/Other Implemented: Ch. 688, OL 1991, Ch. 765, OL 1993, OL 2020 2nd SS Ch 10 Sec 26 and 27, ORS 285B 740, ORS 285B 743, ORS 285B 746, ORS 285B 749 & ORS 285B 758

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