Or. Admin. R. 123-475-0050 - Responsibilities

(1) The Oregon Arts Commission shall:
(a) In consultation with the Designated Agencies, be responsible for selection, reviewing of design, execution, placement and acceptance of Works of Art", acquired under the Program;
(b) Appoint the members of the Selection Committee to carry out the functions described in OAR 123-475-0015;
(c) Assist the Contracting Agency in contract negotiations with artists;
(d) In consultation with the Resident Agency and Contracting Agency, may transfer Works of Art between public buildings as provided in OAR 123-475-0080;
(e) With the help of professionals, install portable Works of Art and re-hang or relocate Works of Art when it determines such actions are necessary;
(f) In partnership with the Resident Agency, advise regarding necessary maintenance procedures in accordance with the Oregon Arts Commission's Collection Management System.
(g) Maintain complete records and documentation of the collection with the assistance of the Contracting Agency;
(h) Coordinate public information aspects of the project.
(2) The Contracting Agency shall:
(a) Assist the Oregon Arts Commission with identifying new Projects subject to ORS 276 .073 - 276.090, and shall notify the Oregon Arts Commission when construction budgets are approved and funds are available.
(b) Contract with the Architect for administrative or design services, or both, to be rendered in connection with the commissioning of Works of Art, notify the Architect of the state law requiring a non-deductible allocation for Works of Art and that the Architect will be a member of and must work closely with the Selection Committee for the Project and with the Artist, and include in its contract with the Architect clauses providing for the Architect's compliance with these rules, including without limitation as provided in section (3) of this rule;
(c) Notify the Oregon Arts Commission of the Project details;
(d) Consult with the Oregon Arts Commission and Screening Committee on the determination of budget and selection procedures;
(e) See that payment is made for all costs, professional fees, purchases and commissions in accordance with all applicable law;
(f) Communicate with the Oregon Arts Commission on Project coordination to assure timeliness of completion of the project;
(g) Contract with the Artist for procurement of Works of Art, including without limitation providing for title to the Works of Art to best in the Contracting Agency or Resident Agency in the name of the state no later than upon completion of installation of the Works of Art.
(h) Together with the Resident Agency, be responsible for security and general maintenance of the Works of Art, including without limitation observing if the Work of Art is in good condition, hanging straight, needs dusting, if labels are missing, or if other measures for security or maintenance are necessary or advisable;
(i) Assist the Oregon Arts Commission with public information aspects of the Project;
(j) Review and authorize all changes proposed involving cost, time, or scope before any changes are made to the Work(s) or Art for the Project;
(k) Assist the Oregon Arts Commission with maintaining an Art Inventory and immediately notify the Oregon Arts Commission if a work needs repair or is missing.
(3) The Architect shall:
(a) Recommend to the Arts Commission and the Contracting Agency specific sites for Works of Art and the scale and type of work thought to be most appropriate;
(b) Act as a member of the Selection Committee;
(c) Work closely with the Artist where required, provide engineering information as it pertains to the building structure and technical assistance to the Artist if requested, and shall supervise the delivery and installation of the Work of Art under contract with the Contracting Agency;
(d) Ensure that all service requirements for the Work of Art are met in the design documents and that the Work of Art may be installed with relative ease.
(4) The Artist shall:
(a) When commissioned by the Contracting Agency to create a Work of Art, execute and complete the Work of Art in a timely and professional manner.
(b) Maintain close contact with the Contracting Agency to assist with Project coordination before and during installation;
(c) Transfer title of newly created or an existing Work of Art to the Contracting Agency;
(d) Deal personally with the other parties in all phases of the negotiations. However, the Artists may designate dealers or other agents to represent them in negotiations;
(e) Maintain a close working relationship with the Architect on commissioned pieces;
(f) Submit all plans drawings, detailed proposals and other required materials related to a proposed Work of Art to the Oregon Arts Commission. All preparatory work remains the property of the Oregon Arts Commission until the final Work of Art is installed, at which time ownership of the preparatory materials reverts to the artist;
(g) Copyright: The artist retains those rights specified in ORS 359.355 unless contract indicates otherwise.


Or. Admin. R. 123-475-0050
AC 1-1979, f. & ef. 7-23-79; AC 1-1991, f. 3-22-91, cert. ef. 3-21-91; OAC 1-2010, f. 6-30-10, cert. ef. 7-1-10; Renumbered from 190-020-0050, OBDD 36-2010, f. 10-14-10, cert. ef. 11-1-10

Stat. Auth.: ORS 359.025; 359.142

Stats. Implemented: ORS 276 .073 - 276 .090

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