Or. Admin. R. 123-630-0050 - Application and Fees

(1) An applicant seeking to have an equity investment or long-term debt security certified as a qualified equity investment and eligible for a tax credit under ORS 285C.650 and OAR 123-630-0080 must submit an application to the department on a form that the department provides. A complete application must include all of the following:
(a) The entity's name, address, tax identification number and evidence of certification as a qualified community development entity.
(b) A copy of an allocation agreement executed by the entity, or its controlling entity, and the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund that includes the State of Oregon in its service area.
(c) A certificate executed by an executive officer of the entity attesting that the allocation agreement remains in effect and has not been revoked or canceled by the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund.
(d) A description of the proposed purchase price, structure and purchaser of the equity investment or long-term debt security.
(e) The name and tax identification number of any person eligible to claim a tax credit, under ORS 285C.650-285C.656, and ORS 315.526-315.536, allowed as a result of the certification of the qualified equity investment.
(f) Information regarding the proposed use of proceeds from the issuance of the qualified equity investment on a form provided by the department. If the information described in the previous sentence is not submitted with the application, the applicant shall, at least 20 days prior to the date of the applicant proposes to make a qualified low-income community investment, submit to the department for review and approval of the qualified low-income community investment, an updated qualified low-income community investment certification on a form provided by the department. The information will include but is not limited to the following for each proposed qualified low-income community investment:
(A) Location;
(B) Sources and uses of funds;
(C) Impacts to communities;
(D) Revenues;
(E) Number of jobs created and/or retained; and
(F) Economic impacts
(G) Name and contact information for: the investor making the qualified equity investment(s), the investor making the qualified low-income community investment(s), and all qualified active low-income community business receiving the qualified low-income community investment(s).
(g) A nonrefundable application fee of $20,000. This fee shall be paid to the department and shall be required for each application submitted.
(2) In addition to what is required by the application or in this division of administrative rules, the applicant will submit any information requested by the department for purposes of evaluating the application.
(3) A qualified community development entity submitting an application for certification of an additional equity investment or long-term debt security as a qualified equity investment and eligible for a tax credit under ORS 315.533, must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the department that all previous equity investments and long-term debt securities certified as qualified equity investments have been fully committed and used in compliance with the requirements of the Oregon Low Income Community Jobs Initiative.
(4) A qualified community development entity that is certified under ORS 285C.650 and OAR 123-630-0080 shall pay an annual evaluation fee of $1,000 to the department with the submission of each report described in OAR 123-630-0070.
(5) Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.
(6) Supplemental documentation or attachments submitted to the department by the applicant along with the application form and required materials are not considered part of the application and will be considered to be separate and distinct information submitted to the department. The department will provide approval or consent only with regard to those submissions for which approval or consent is required from the department by statute or rule. If the department does not provide explicit approval in writing for any supplemental information or documentation submitted by the applicant, then the information or documentation is not approved.


Or. Admin. R. 123-630-0050
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 285C.650 & 315.526 - 315.536

Stats. Implemented: ORS 285C.650 & 315.526 - 315.536

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