Or. Admin. R. 137-003-0008 - Authorized Representative in Designated Agencies

(1) For purposes of this rule, the following words and phrases have the following meaning:
(a) "Agency" means State Landscape Contractors Board, State Department of Energy and the Energy Facility Siting Council, Environmental Quality Commission and the Department of Environmental Quality; Insurance Division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services for proceedings in which an insured appears pursuant to ORS 737.505; the Department of Consumer and Business Services and any other agency for the purpose of proceedings to enforce the state building code, as defined by 455.010; the State Fire Marshal in the Department of State Police; Division of State Lands for proceedings regarding the issuance or denial of fill or removal permits under 196.800 to 196.825; Public Utility Commission; Water Resources Commission and the Water Resources Department; Land Conservation and Development Commission and the Department of Land Conservation and Development; State Department of Agriculture for purposes of hearings under 215.705; and the Bureau of Labor and Industries.
(b) "Authorized Representative" means a member of a partnership, an authorized officer or regular employee of a corporation, association or organized group, or an authorized officer or employee of a governmental authority other than a state agency;
(c) "Legal Argument" includes arguments on:
(A) The jurisdiction of the agency to hear the contested case;
(B) The constitutionality of a statute or rule or the application of a constitutional requirement to an agency;
(C) The application of court precedent to the facts of the particular contested case proceeding.
(d) "Legal Argument" does not include presentation of motions, evidence, examination and cross-examination of witnesses or presentation of factual arguments or arguments on:
(A) The application of the statutes or rules to the facts in the contested case;
(B) Comparison of prior actions of the agency in handling similar situations;
(C) The literal meaning of the statutes or rules directly applicable to the issues in the contested case;
(D) The admissibility of evidence; and
(E) The correctness of procedures being followed in the contested case hearing.
(2) A party or limited party participating in a contested case hearing before an agency listed in subsection (1)(a) of this rule may be represented by an authorized representative as provided in this rule if the agency has by rule specified that authorized representatives may appear in the type of contested case hearing involved.
(3) Before appearing in the case, an authorized representative must provide the presiding officer with written authorization for the named representative to appear on behalf of a party or limited party.
(4) The presiding officer may limit an authorized representative's presentation of evidence, examination and cross-examination of witnesses, or presentation of factual arguments to insure the orderly and timely development of the hearing records, and shall not allow an authorized representative to present legal argument as defined in subsection (1)(c) of this rule.
(5) When an authorized representative is representing a party or limited party in a hearing, the presiding officer shall advise such representative of the manner in which objections may be made and matters preserved for appeal. Such advice is of a procedural nature and does not change applicable law on waiver or the duty to make timely objection. Where such objections may involve legal argument as defined in this rule, the presiding officer shall provide reasonable opportunity for the authorized representative to consult legal counsel and permit such legal counsel to file written legal argument within a reasonable time after conclusion of the hearing.


Or. Admin. R. 137-003-0008
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 183.457

Stats. Implemented: ORS 183.341(1), & 183.457 & OL 1999, Ch. 448 & Ch. 599

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