Or. Admin. R. 137-055-5220 - Satisfaction of Support Awards

Current through Register Vol. 61, No. 4, April 1, 2022

The purpose of this rule is to define how the Division of Child Support (DCS) will credit "satisfactions of support award" in certain circumstances. This rule must not be construed as limiting the authority of DCS to approve or credit a satisfaction of support award in other lawful circumstances not specified in this rule.

(1) When support payment records are kept by the Department of Justice, an obligee may satisfy amounts indicated on the case records as past due by filing a properly-completed "satisfaction of support award" form with the administrator, subject to approval by DCS under the provisions of this rule; or in accordance with OAR 137-055-5240.
(2) When current support or arrears are assigned to the State of Oregon or to another jurisdiction, and the obligor is seeking credit for support payments not made through DCS:
(a) DCS and its attorneys have authority to approve and sign satisfactions.
(b) This authority may be exercised only when the obligee has signed a satisfaction of support award form which acknowledges that the support payment was received.
(3) DCS and its attorneys have authority to sign and approve satisfactions of support award for money paid through DCS as payment of assigned support.
(4) DCS will record, on the case record, all properly-completed satisfactions of support award not assigned, and all satisfactions ordered by a court or a hearing order, and all satisfactions for assigned support that are approved in accordance with this rule. DCS will also promptly forward the satisfaction form to the appropriate court administrator, together with a certificate stating the amount of support satisfaction entered on the case record.
(5) Except when satisfied and approved by DCS and its attorneys or by a court or hearing order, DCS will not enter a satisfaction on a case record for support that has been assigned to the State of Oregon or another jurisdiction.
(6) When DCS rejects a satisfaction in part or in full as provided in section (5) above, DCS will send written notice to the obligor and obligee, by regular mail to the most recent address of record. Such notice will indicate the reason for the rejection.
(7) All satisfactions must contain the following:
(a) The full names of both the obligor and the obligee;
(b) The name of the Oregon county where the support award was entered;
(c) The Oregon Child Support Program support case number, or the circuit court case number;
(d) Either:
(A) The total dollar amount to be satisfied; or
(B) The period of time for which past due support is satisfied;
(e) A statement that the satisfaction is only for child support or spousal support;
(f) The signature of the obligee, except for those satisfactions approved under sections
(2) and
(3) of this rule, where the obligee's signature is not required; and
(g) The date the form is signed.
(8) All signatures on "satisfactions of support award" must be notarized, except on court orders.
(9) Notwithstanding any other provision of this rule, DCS has the authority to file and execute a satisfaction, without the need to notarize such satisfaction, when all of the following are true:
(a) The obligor provides a sworn affidavit that the support award has been paid in full, and
(b) DCS certifies that it has a complete payment record for the support award and that the payment records shows no arrears. DCS will be considered to have a complete pay record if DCS has kept the pay record for the support judgment from the date of the first support payment required under the award, or if the obligee or the administrator established arrears for the time period when DCS did not keep the pay record on the case.
(10) When DCS receives a sworn affidavit under the provisions of subsection (9)(a) of this rule, DCS will examine its support records and determine if it has the authority under section (9) of this rule to execute and file a satisfaction of support award. DCS will promptly notify the obligor if DCS determines that it does not have authority to execute and file a satisfaction of support award. DCS will also determine if any amounts due for support were not assigned to the state. If DCS determines that any amounts were not assigned to the state, DCS will give notice to the obligee in the manner provided by ORS 25.085. The notice must inform the obligee that DCS will execute and file the satisfaction of support award unless DCS receives an objection and request for hearing within 30 days after the date of mailing the notice.
(11) If the obligee requests a hearing under section (10) of this rule, a contested case hearing will be conducted under ORS 183.310 to 183.502 before an administrative law judge.
(12) If support is owed to a child attending school the obligee may only satisfy arrears as defined in OAR 137-055-5120.


Or. Admin. R. 137-055-5220
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 18.225 & 180.345

Stats. Implemented: ORS 18.225 - 238 & 25.020

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