Or. Admin. R. 141-085-0545 - Fees; Amounts and Disposition

(1) Disposition of Fees. All applications that require a fee, except for an emergency authorization, must include the fee at the time of application.
(2) Project Applications that Require a Fee. Except as provided in Section (3) of this rule, the following types of projects require a fee for a complete application:
(a) Individual Permit and General Permit applications that require a fee, must be accompanied by the applicable base fee and volume fee in accordance with the current fee schedule;
(b) General Authorization notifications which require a fee under OAR 141-089-0635, must be accompanied by the flat fee when the proposed removal-fill activity is 50 cubic yards or more; and
(c) Emergency Authorization holders, except for erosion or flood repair, must submit the required fee to the Department within 45 calendar days of receiving the authorization.
(3) Project Applications that Do Not Require a Fee. No application fee or renewal fee is required when submitting an application or notification for the following:
(a) An agency determination that the project does not require a permit from the Department;
(b) Erosion-flood repair or stream bank stabilization projects, regardless of the authorization type;
(c) Voluntary habitat restoration projects directed at habitat improvement, regardless of the authorization type;
(d) A general authorization when the project involves less than 50 cubic yards of removal-fill activity; and
(e) A general permit that does not require a fee when specified in OAR 141-093.
(4) Calculating Application Fees. For each application that involves both removal and fill activity, the application fee is calculated separately for each activity using the base and volume fees. The required fee to be submitted with the application is the greater of the two calculated fees.
(5) Base Fees. Base fees are based on the following applicant classifications:
(a) Private operator, or a person contracting to perform services for a private operator;
(b) Public body; or
(c) Commercial operator.
(6) Volume Fees. In addition to the base fee established under Section (5) of this rule, each applicant may be required to also pay, as part of the application, an additional fee based on the volume of material according to the following schedule:
(a) Less than 500 cubic yards;
(b) 500 to less than 5,000 cubic yards;
(c) 5,000 to less than or equal to 50,000 cubic yards; or
(d) Over 50,000 cubic yards.
(7) Annual fees. For individual permits that are renewed or valid for more than one year, an annual fee is assessed for each year that the permit is in effect. The annual fee is equal to the base fee at the time of renewal or annual billing and is due by the anniversary date of issuance of the permit.
(8) Multiyear Permits. For issuance of multiyear permits valid over a period of more than one year and up to five years, the Department may assess a one-time fee at the rate in effect at the time of the application or renewal. The one-time fee must include:
(a) The application fee; and
(b) Any applicable annual fees for the duration of the term of the permit.
(9) Adjusting Fee Amounts. Fees are adjusted annually, on January 1 of each year. By December 1 of each year the Department will consult the Portland-Salem, OR-WA Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers for All Items as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor to determine the appropriate annual fee adjustment to become effective on January 1 of the following year. The Department will then revise the fees in accordance with the CPI and post the fee schedule on the Department's website (http://oregonstatelands.us/ [File Link Not Available]).


Or. Admin. R. 141-085-0545
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 196.825 & 196.600-196.692

Stats. Implemented: ORS 196.600-196.692 & 196.800-196.990

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