Or. Admin. R. 141-085-0585 - Permit Conditions, Permit Expiration Dates and Permit Transfer

(1) Applicable Permit Conditions. If the Department approves the permit, it will impose applicable conditions to eliminate or reduce the reasonably expected adverse impacts of project development to waters of this state.
(2) Applicant Acceptance of Permit Conditions. Once an authorization holder initiates the removal fill activity authorized by a permit, it is understood that the permit holder accepts the conditions contained within the permit.
(3) Enforceability of Permit Conditions. Authorizations may include conditions, including compensatory mitigation and monitoring conditions that impose obligations beyond the expiration date of the removal/fill activity. All such conditions are enforceable until such obligations are satisfied.
(4) Conflicts Between the Application and Permit Conditions. The application, including all plans and operating specification, becomes an enforceable part of the removal-fill authorization. In the event there is a conflict between information contained in the application and conditions in the removal-fill authorization, the authorization conditions prevail.
(5) Permit Expiration Date. The Department may issue an individual removal-fill authorization for up to five years for removal-fill activities that occur on a continuing basis or will take more than one year to complete.
(6) Limits on Terms for Commercial Gravel Operations. For commercial gravel removal, the Department will only issue a multi-year permit when it determines that:
(a) There is sufficient aggregate resource or annual recharge to allow the proposed volumes to be removed; and
(b) The authorization holder has, for at least one year preceding the pending renewal, conducted removal in compliance with permit conditions.
(7) Modification of Permit Conditions. Modifications of permit conditions may be either requested by the authorization holder or initiated by the Department.
(a) A modification request from the authorization holder must be submitted in writing. Based on the scope of the modification request, the Department may:
(A) Modify permit conditions to address changes in operating conditions or changes to the project; or
(B) Deny the modification request and request a new application.
(b) The Department may modify permit conditions to address new standards or new information related to water resource impacts in effect at the time of the permit renewal request or on the anniversary date of issuance for multiyear permits issued in accordance with OAR 141-085-0545(8).
(8) Transfer of Permit Responsibility. Authorizations are issued to the applicant and are not automatically transferred through property transactions. The applicant is responsible for complying with the conditions of the permit, unless the permit is officially transferred to a different person or party. A transfer form must be submitted to the Department for review and approval. If the transferee is a business entity, the business must be registered with the Oregon Secretary of State Corporate Division. The exact name of the business entity, as listed with Secretary of State Corporate Division, must be entered on the transfer form. The transfer form must be accompanied by a signed certificate of incumbency. Transfers are approved through one of the following means:
(a) If the authorization has not expired, the Department will issue a modified permit to the transferee, who will then be responsible for complying with all of the conditions in the permit. If financial security was required for compensatory mitigation, a new financial security instrument, naming the transferee as the obligor must be provided to the Department before the transfer; or
(b) If the authorization has expired, but there is a pending mitigation obligation, the mitigation obligation will be transferred to the transferee through an acknowledgement letter. If financial security was required for the pending mitigation obligation, a new financial security instrument must be provided, naming the transferee as the obligor prior to the transfer.


Or. Admin. R. 141-085-0585
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 196.825 & 196.600-196.692

Stats. Implemented: ORS 196.600 - 196.692, 196.795 - 196.990

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