Or. Admin. R. 141-085-0735 - Release, Use and Sale of Mitigation Credits

(1) Initial Release of Credits Must Be Specified in the MBI. The maximum number of credits that may be released for sale in advance of achieving performance standards will be clearly specified in the MBI. In no case may this amount exceed 30 percent of the total credits anticipated for each phase of bank construction. Advance releases require a commensurate financial security per OAR 141-085-0700.
(2) Release of Credits Must Be in Compliance with MBI. The Department will not allow the sale or exchange of credits by a mitigation bank that is not in compliance with the terms of the MBI, the Removal-Fill Law, and in the case of a mitigation bank, all applicable rules governing CM. The Department may consult with the IRT in order to determine noncompliance and appropriate remedies, including enforcement action. The Department may, in consultation with the IRT, modify the credit release schedule, including reducing the number of credits or suspending credit transfers, when necessary to ensure that all credit transfers are backed by mitigation projects with a high probability of meeting performance standards.
(3) Sales to Permit Applicants. After credits have been released to the bank sponsor, they may be sold to permit applicants upon approval by the Department that such credits will satisfy the mitigation obligation of a specific permit, or to resolve an enforcement case. Each credit sale transfers the mitigation obligation from the permit applicant to the sponsor.
(4) Sales to Public Benefit Corporations or Public Bodies. At the request of a mitigation bank sponsor, the Department may authorize the withdrawal of mitigation bank credits by a public benefit corporation as defined in ORS 65.001 or a public body. Such entities will be designated by the Director for the purpose of reserving credits for future use in accordance with this subsection. The Director will manage such transactions to ensure that each credit is used no more than once to satisfy a use in accordance with this section. Mitigation Banks must report every credit sale to the Department and will provide an annual credit ledger.
(5) The Department May Purchase Bank Credits. Funds from the Oregon Removal Fill Mitigation Fund may be used to purchase approved bank credits where such purchases will provide appropriate compensatory mitigation.
(6) Records and Reporting. The Department will maintain a record of credit releases and withdrawals for each active wetland mitigation bank.


Or. Admin. R. 141-085-0735
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Statutory/Other Authority: ORS 196.825 & 196.600 - 196.692

Statutes/Other Implemented: ORS 196.600 - 196.692 & 196.800 - 196.990

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