Or. Admin. R. 150-314-0290 - Estimated Tax: When Estimates Are Required; Refunds Prior to Filing of Return

(1) Every corporation or group of corporations required to file an Oregon excise or income tax return and expecting to have a tax liability of $500 or more must make estimated tax payments. Estimated tax liability means the tax as computed under ORS Chapter 317 or 318, less allowable credits. For purposes of determining whether estimated tax liability exceeds $500, a credit resulting from overpayment of tax for a prior year is not taken into account.
(2) Generally, estimated tax payments will not be refunded prior to the taxpayer's filing of the tax return for the year for which the estimated tax payments were made. The fact that the estimated tax payments made exceed the required payments based upon an exception to underpayment is not sufficient cause to refund such excess prior to the filing of the Oregon tax return. Where taxpayers establish to the satisfaction of the department that the facts warrant a refund, a refund of estimated taxes can be made prior to the filing of the tax return. Examples of fact situations that may be considered sufficient to warrant a refund are as follows:
Example 1 : Estimated tax payments were made by a corporation that qualified as an S corporation for the entire tax year through the date the refund is requested.
Example 2 : Estimated tax payments were made by a corporation that will not be required to file a return for the tax year for which the estimated tax payments were made.
Example 3 : The estimated tax payments were intended for the Internal Revenue Service but were sent to the Department of Revenue in error.
Example 4 : Taxpayer provides proof that the taxpayer intended the payment for another account or liability and the payment was misapplied to their estimated tax by the department.


Or. Admin. R. 150-314-0290
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Stat. Auth.: ORS 305.100

Stats. Implemented: ORS 314.505

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