Or. Admin. R. 177-070-0005 - Definitions

For the purposes of division 70, the following definitions apply except as otherwise specifically provided in OAR chapter 177 or unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "Drawing" means the procedure whereby the Lottery, or a drawing agent, selects the winning combination in accordance with the rules of the game.
(2) "Drawing agent" means a Lottery vendor or other designee who, subject to the approval of the Director, is designated by the Assistant Director of Security to conduct drawings on behalf of the Lottery.
(3) "Draw game" means a lottery game, other than Video LotterySM games, in which through a Draw game terminal, the player or the Draw game terminal selects a combination of numbers, events or symbols, the player selects the type of game and amount of play, and the drawing date(s), or the player purchases a Lottery Raffle ticket. Draw games are those Lottery games specified in OAR 177-010-0003(24)(b) through (m) and any other Lottery game designated by the Lottery Commission as a Draw game. Unless the context or a specially applicable definition indicates otherwise, any reference to an "On Line game" in OAR chapter 177, a Lottery retailer contract, or Lottery form in effect or in use on or after the effective date of this rule shall be deemed to refer to a "Draw game" as defined in this section.
(4) "Draw game retailer" means a person or business authorized by the Lottery to sell Draw game tickets.
(5) "Draw game terminal (DGT)" means the computer hardware by which:
(a) A Draw game retailer or player enters the combination of numbers, events, or symbols selected by the player, or
(b) A combination of numbers, events, or symbols is randomly selected for the player, or
(c) A Lottery Raffle ticket is issued; and
(d) Draw game tickets are generated and claims are validated.
(6) "Draw game ticket" means a computer-generated ticket issued by a Draw game terminal to a player as a receipt for the combination a player or the terminal has selected, or a Lottery Raffle ticket. This ticket is the only acceptable evidence of the combination of numbers, events, or symbols selected, or of the unique sequential numbers on a Lottery Raffle game ticket.
(7) "Play slip" means a card used in selecting and marking a player's game plays which may then be inserted into a terminal's play slip reader.
(8) "Validation" means the process of determining whether a Draw game ticket presented for payment is a winning ticket.
(9) "Winning combination" means the one or more numbers or symbols randomly selected by the Lottery in a drawing.


Or. Admin. R. 177-070-0005
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Stat. Auth.: OR Const. Art. XV, Sec. 4(4)

Stats. Implemented: ORS 461.010

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